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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Provided More Clues About The Pregnancies


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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is not something alien to the fans of the hit series that airs on Netflix. It is an American television series, which is seemingly an adaptation of the comic book series, The Umbrella Academy. Dark Horse Comics published the hit comic series.

For the unversed, the series has a great cast. They include Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, Colm Feore, Ritu Arya, and Justin H. Min, to name a few. The first series premiered in the year 2019. Then, again it was renewed for a second season in the same year, and released in 2020. The third season is out now in 2022.

Does Umbrella Academy Have Season 3

The Umbrella Academy is a series that is based on dysfunctional family relationships. Moreover, it is set in a genre where 43 women around the globe gave birth simultaneously on 1st October 1989.

However, none of these women had shown any signs of pregnancy, before labor pain began. Sir Reginald Hargreeves is shown to adopt seven of the babies, and transferred to a superhero academy, called the Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy Season 3

This 3rd season seems to be providing the audience and fans with more clues, regarding the pregnancy. Moreover, Reginald, during his time, gives the babies numbers, rather than names. However, they were taken care of by a robot-mother, who named six of them. The names of the sic babies are Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Ben, and Vanya. Reginald separates the six babies and Vanya, as the later supposedly does not have any power of her own.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Storyline

For the unversed, the first season was set in the current times, where Luther happens to be half-ape, and also lived on the moon for a good 4 years. Allison happens to be a famous actress, Vanya plays the violin, Klaus is a drug addict, and so on. Moreover, five of these children disappear after 16 years. Ben is dead but is able to communicate only with Klaus.

Furthermore, Diego has turned into a vigilant. The series shows, that Sir Reginald had died, and the five gathered to attend his funeral.

Additionally, they all know that a global end is near. Hazel and Cha-cha are characters who act as time-travel executives, tasked with keeping a tab on time travel. The siblings from different mothers, try to unearth the reasons behind Reginald’s death and also try to uncover the secrets of his life.

In the second season, the siblings were seen moving to Dallas in the 1960s. It is quite possible to get surprised, but for the clueless, they had travelled through time. The gifted babies could do that all by themselves. And, this season was about those old times. Five, the baby who was not named, but numbered, managed to take assistance from timekeeper Hazel, and travelled ten days back in time. Some Swedish assassins had started on a hunt for Five, but found the siblings instead. They are supposedly reunited by the end of the series.


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Zooming forward again to season 3, which is the talk of the town, that siblings are quick to realize that they did some deeds in the past, that probably affected their return back to 2019.

Wherein a duplicate Reginald had set shop with a renamed Sparrow Academy. They had supposedly created a grandfather paradox, which led to this duplication. Moreover, they were tasked to end this, to stop the destruction of the universe.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Plot

All those, who happened to follow the series closely were still clueless about how the 43 women got pregnant. Now, the story goes like, the seven siblings who got adopted, came to be known as the Hargreeves Siblings.

But another woman named Lila Pitts emerged, who was also born on that same extraordinary day. The viewers received different theories from various sources, but none that revealed the true reason.

Moreover, the viewers had just received a close insight into the birth of Viktor. His birth mother had shown a few signs of pregnancy in her swimming class. Shortly, after a few hours she gave birth. Apart from the actual comic books, no one seems to know about the whereabouts of the pregnancy.

Umbrella Academy Season 3

But it seems that the comics also did not explain the cause and circumstances of the 43 pregnancies in complete details to date.

The Apocalypse Suite, which is a prologue to the first book, had but stressed the intergalactic boxing match, between Tusslin Tom Gurney and a Space Squid, where the latter’s defeat coincided with the birth of the 43 children.

It showed that the boxing match was indeed responsible for the pregnancies. However, the relationship to be exact, is still shrouded in mystery. However, it is important to note that there were no intergalactic matches, in the series at any point.

But it was skilfully revealed in season 2, that Sir Reginald Hargreeves was indeed an alien. Finally, season 3 reveals more about the ‘jar of lights’. The audience believes that there may be a co-relation of the jar with the 43 births. It may have been possible, that Sir Reginald’s jar had some kind of radiation or energy that could make women pregnant.

Clues About Pregnancies

The involvement of aliens in the 43 births cannot be ruled out completely. Moreover, such children supposedly were also equipped with superpowers. It could later surface that Sir Reginald himself, maybe the birth-giver of all the 43 children. Till date, the audience are glued on to the biggest clue, which is the ‘jar’.

One can also see in one of the flashback scenes in season 1, that Abigail Hargreeves got a white violin from Sir Reginald, on her deathbed. Sir Reginald refused to accept her death and released the light particles or the motes in the air.

The lady again appears in season 3, where the audience gets to learn more about her. Additionally, she happens to come back alive at the end of the season. Her body had been probably cryogenically preserved in another base. The Oblivion machine seems to be responsible for all the drama, it seems. So, it is probably the particles after all, that’s behind all the pregnancies.

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