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Welcome To Plathville’s Kim Plath Opens Up About Being Abused by A Babysitter As A Child


Kim Plath, 49, revealed the biggest secret she kept for so long in this week’s episode of Welcome to Plathvile.

The reality series in its 4th season has witnessed the children of Plath asking her repeatedly about the decision of separation she took from their father, Barry Plath, after spending 24 years together. 

Kim Plath Talks About Being Abused As A Child By A Babysitter

However, the show this week paved a way for Plath to open up about her personal sufferings from her childhood to her son, Micah Plath, 21, when he questioned his momager, 49, about the idea of her raising him in a special, yet uncommon way by keeping Micah away from the chaos of others, homeschooled with no connection to technology, as a religious and conservative kid. 

The reply made Micah’s mouth keep open as it was something out of the blue, very much unexpected for him to hear from his mother. 

Plath began to narrate the rationales stating that there are not just one but multiple reasons that led her to raise her children the way she did, the main basis being the incident that Plath had to go through when she was 4 or 5, when her mother, Micah’s grandmother, arranged a caretaker to watch her, who was a teenage boy. 

She then advised her son saying that he must not repeat the mistake made by his grandmother when he will have little girls, as things like these could happen to anyone at the wrong time when they are accompanied by the wrong people.

The television star added further justification before her son saying that such indecent crimes are often committed by people whom nobody suspects, and who are close to the family. 

She admitted that the abuse was a normal routine for her, while she was still a little girl aged 4 or 5.

Plath then said that these were the main grounds for her being protective of her children and corrected the sentence saying, “overprotective” as it was her ultimate option of being overprotective rather than letting her children go through similar situations.

The responsible sin then replied that he had no idea about the story of his mother, for he so far only thought about the reasoning of his father, Barry. He told Plath that until now he thought that it was the religious belief of his mother that made her do the things she did, to which she replied that neither she was ready to disclose the actual logic before the younger kid, Micah.

After an exclusive interview with Plath, she said that Micah is more understanding after the personal discussion they had about her parenting method and her childhood trauma. She also said that she was, however, getting prepared to disclose things with him for a long time, as he is deserving to know why he was raised that way. 

On the other hand, Micah in his interview said that it was a life-changing moment for him when his mother made such an incredible revelation to him that led him to understand the momager a lot more, that also made sense to him when looking back at the boundaries she built while he was growing up. 

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