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Check Out The Viral “One Thing About Me” Tiktok Trend!


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The vast majority of people who use TikTok have probably seen videos in which the creator starts by saying, “One thing about me,” and then proceeds to tell a humorous narrative about themselves.

It was in April of this year that the trend first became viral, and it was Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” that had a role in helping to bring it back.

TikTok’s “One thing about me” has achieved such widespread success that many of its users, including some well-known figures, have created renditions of the song. What exactly is this trend, and where did it get its start? 

“One Thing About Me” Tracks “Super Freaky Girl”

It is impossible to communicate a long story or any information about oneself on TikTok since the attention span of the ordinary human being, including myself, is just a few seconds.

They won’t bother viewing a video if it doesn’t immediately pique our interest in the first few seconds.

Check Out The Viral "One Thing About Me" Tiktok Trend!

After all, a great deal of material is available, but there is not enough time to take in all of it. The “one thing about me” trend that is now popular on TikTok, on the other hand, allows users to express their personal experiences or intriguing facts in a way that is not only simple to comprehend but also entertaining to watch.

In earlier iterations of the “one thing about me” craze, writers would write about themselves. At the same time, the song “Summer Background Jazz” played in the background (for example, check Ed Sheeran’s TikTok video).

Users have come up with a more amusing way to tell their “one thing about me” after introducing the feature. When do you ask it, exactly? They told their life stories while singing Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Freaky Girl” as the background music.

The “One Thing About Me” Genre Is Making A Comeback

The “One Thing About Me” Genre Is Making a Comeback, and There’s No Doubt That It Will Be Huge Once More. It’s all because of Super Freaky Girl.

Following the trend that is now prevalent, people are producing films in which they provide informative and often comical information.

At the beginning of the movement, the producers discussed various biographical data, such as Summer Background Jazz by Background Jazz Vibes played in the background. Background Jazz Vibes was playing in the background. Because of the widespread trend, Ed Sheeran has created a music video about it.

Check Out The Viral One Thing About Me Tiktok Trend!

The creative community has come up with this fresh and amusing take on the classic “one thing about me” question. Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” is now being used as the soundtrack for music videos, rather than the more common “Summer Background Jazz.”

In the song’s context, Nicki boasts, “One thing about the, I’m the worst alive.” Creators are now using this as motivation to present their own stories or facts to join the trend. Rather than saying, “I’m the worst alive,” they are using this as a way to join the movement.

Creators Provide Their Unique Information In Their Videos

TikToker Elyza Halpern, better known by her handle @possumgirl, has created a video in which she relates her peculiar story, and she concludes it by saying, “they adore this trend, plz keep telling them about your bad childhoods through Super Freaky Girl,” she said in the video’s description.

One element that can be stated about them is, “When they were about ten years old, they encountered a youngster in the class who loved to glue their butt functions may be done jointly,” This is just one example of what can be said.

Check Out The Viral One Thing About Me Tiktok Trend!

@zach Benson, the creator of TikTok, joined in on the festivities by sharing a story about when he was 14 years old and went to watch the band Falling in Reverse perform on the Warped Tour.

Methods For Implementing The “One Thing About Me” Fad In Everyday Life

You might participate in the current trend of viral videos by creating a video in which you express an amusing personal tale or fact about yourself.

After that, you should film yourself singing along to “One thing about me” as Super Freaky Girl plays in the background and post the video online. After that, you are free to insert your own story following the song’s lyrics. 

The notion of “One thing about me” was introduced in January 2021 by the user @bugeater1101, but it wasn’t until April of this year that it began to acquire considerable support. They had no clue that by including some relaxing jazz music in the movie’s backdrop, they were laying the groundwork for a movement that would gain momentum the following year. The film was created.

Do You Have Any Plans To Create A Video Titled “One Thing About Me” Shortly? 

This week, it has been widely circulated that “alright guys, they feel they may have just identified a side company that has a great potential to create money, although nobody is doing something.

” The video, which offered advice on becoming recognized as an expert in advertising on YouTube, was the source of the first audible sounds. TikTok users have used the ludicrous noise in recent years to poke fun at the hustling lifestyle and implausible business pitches.

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This trend began in the earlier part of this decade. The clip has been used in around three thousand videos thus far.

The description of the TikTok uploaded by @meghafwit reads, “frats and sororities thinking they want to pie a member on my way to my 9:30 class.” And just whose brilliant notion was that, anyhow? Another illustration of this is the video uploaded to Twitter by the account @femalerage.

In it, a cat says something to the effect of “cats when they found out about mentally sick women.” Users of TikTok, for instance, often take part in the same kind of conversation over and over again.

Because of the release of a new soundtrack, been a surge in the popularity of videos on TikTok in which people identify themselves by talking about “one thing” about themselves. Users of TikTok create these short films, and each one focuses on developing a specific aspect of their character.

“Summer Background Jazz” adjectives have been matched with “one thing about myself” characteristics in the most current round of this game.

These TikToks have a higher level of humor due to merging one-of-a-kind (and sometimes devastating) personality traits with professionally produced music. They may hear in the track around 6,000 different videos.

This particular user, @bugeater1101, has done a lot to promote this kind of video on TikTokker, and their feed is crammed to the gills with acerbic humor mixed with jazz. Or social media; as a result, they would appreciate it if you would not question me about grammatical or textual problems.”

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