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Vinnie Hacker Got A Massive Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest!!


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Vinnie Hacker, a TikTok user, is one of many who feel tattoos might help people express themselves. For quite some time, the social media celebrity has been showing off his collection of body artwork, and he just revealed a new tattoo on his chest.

The Meaning Behind Vinnie Hacker’s New Tattoo

Vinnie Hacker has revealed the addition of a new tattoo to his collection. In a TikTok video, he flaunted the new ink on his chest for the first time. “I’m not gorgeous enough to pull it off, but here’s my newest tattoo,” he captioned the video, alluding to the enormous tattoo on his chest.

Vinnie Hacker Got A Massive Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest!!

The TikTok superstar has several tattoos on his body, the most recent of which are four tattoos in one. He got a gigantic chest tattoo covering most of his chest, and it’s just stunning. The tattoo depicts an ocean scene with an ocean wave in the middle, surrounded by a floral design and several lesser waves.

Hacker’s Tattoos & Meanings

Vinnie Hacker’s fans may have noticed that he has a new tattoo in his collection. The latest one is a Berserk-inspired drawing that sits in the center of his chest. According to the series’ descriptions, the logo is a mark for Invocation of Doom.

Fans are wondering about Hacker’s new tattoo, which he revealed on TikTok and Twitter. “The wings have nothing to with Berserk, and Hacker’s job is to make the tattoos seem symmetrical with other artwork,” he stated on Twitter. His “Break My Heart” and spider tattoos are any of these new tattoos. Tattoo artists used black ink to make them and his other body art. On Twitter, someone asked him to rate his pain on a scale of one to ten, and Hacker said, “5-6.” The name of the Brand of Sacrifice has a meaning. The symbol reads, “Men consecrated for Invocation of Doom.” The emblem, in essence, designates a person as a target for Demons, The Godhand, and apostles.


Other Anima Related Tattoos

TikTok star Vinnie Hacker has multiple tattoos. One of his most recent paintings is the upper part of the one-eyed blind Guts’ face. It’s etched in black ink and contained in a rectangle. He claims it’s a tribute to a former mercenary who traveled the world to find his purpose. During the struggle, he lost an eye when a demon seized him and gouged his right eye. Hacker also has two JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tattoos. The first is “Made in Heaven,” emblazoned on his right forearm. In his TikTok video, he stated that he didn’t comprehend it immediately away due to the anime.



Vinnie Hacker has plenty of tattoos to back up his claim of being the finest tattoo artist. Vinnie Hacker’s blouse is a cover with stunning motifs, but her latest breast piece takes the cake. Vinnie Hacker is a well-known figure in the tattoo community, so it’s not surprising that he added another unique tattoo to his collection. With a portfolio like this one, it’s tough not to believe him when he shares details about new tattoos before any of the tattoos.

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