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Corpse Husband: The “Clock And Mask” Man, Mistry Behind The Mask!!!


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Are you a social media person? Do you like enjoying music or playing games? Or are you a person interested in listening to horror stories? Then I am sure, You might have heard of “Corpse Husband”. But if you are unaware of Corpse Husband, then let me tell you who he is.

Has Corpse Husband Revealed His Face?

“Corpse husband” is an American YouTuber who is famous for narrating horror stories and has a low-pitched voice that attracts the viewers and makes them watch his video in a single stretch. He is also a musician and a gamer. He is well known for his Among Us videos. Among Us is an online multiplayer murder mystery videogame.

Corpse Husband The “Clock And Mask” Man

We, people, do not know what he looks like or what his real name is. Are you confused? You do not have to be. He has not revealed his personal details so far. It is still a mystery and the most difficult conundrum for people. In a recent interview, “Corpse Husband” said that he does not want to reveal his face so as to create a mystifying ambiance during the narration of the story.

What happened to the “corpse husband”?

“Corpse husband” has not seen streaming for quite a long time now. He was not active for the past 6 months but now he has come back saying why he was not able to stream for the past few months. He, being a public figure has gained a lot of followers even after his first streaming video. He said it was unmanageable for him to entertain hundreds of people on stream that it had started putting pressure on him. But now fans are thrilled knowing about his new project. “Corpse Husband” will be the new voice for the upcoming animation Tribe nine. He, on his Twitter, posted that he will give voice to “Ojiro” in the English dub for Tribe nine.

Corpse Husband disease:

It is astonishing that “Corpse Husband” was streaming all these years despite his illness. He has talked about his illness several times on his Twitter. He suffers from chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, (a disease where you have widespread body pain), gastroesophageal reflux disease ( a digestive disease related to the stomach), and thoracic outlet syndrome (a disease in which your nerves and blood vessels reduce their size). Thoracic outlet syndrome can change a person’s voice which may be the reason why he has a low-pitched voice. He said, he also wears an eyepatch to protect his eyes from blue light.

What’s Corpse Husband real name?

Once, when “Corpse husband” was live streaming, he was asked by one of his fans to reveal his real name or if he was going to publish a biography. He later replied that his name is “Randall” and that he lives in Mid East. He also said that he works in an automobile shop. But all these details of what he said may or may not be true which only he knows. He even asked them to find him out on these details. Later at the end of the streaming, he made a statement like “You’ll never find me, Randall from the automobile shop”.Because of his special voice tone, people are unaware to find out if he is making fun of them or if he is being serious. Though he has faced lots of criticisms regarding his face reveal and identity, he still has no problem in keeping it under the blanket.

Corpse Husband hand:

The anonymous YouTuber, back in October 2020 posted a photo of his hand on Twitter and Instagram after his fans repeatedly requested him to do. At first, he made a statement on Twitter asking his followers to get him a 100k on Instagram, and then he will post a picture of his hand. He also started #onlyhands on Twitter in which he asked people to post pictures of their hands alone. Later in March he again posted a picture of him and that too without his face. After uploading that photo, some of his followers doubted if he had 6 fingers. They commented on their concerns below the photo but nothing was revealed from the opposite side.

Corpse husband face mask:

“Corpse Husband” reveals that he has anxiety problems meeting people that he rarely comes out of his house. He has created an animated avatar of him on Youtube so as not to show his face. He said it was difficult for him to wear a mask during live streaming as well as during real-life meetings as it affects his vocal ability. He also added that wearing a mask cuts out some of his voice while talking with the people he meets. But despite all these difficulties, he still is not ready to remove his face mask.

Corpse Husband Twitter:

“Corpse Husband” shares most of his details and upcoming projects via Twitter and because of him having an unrivaled increase in followers, especially during the pandemic time, Twitter has now made his account officially verified. He is available under the name @Corpse_Husband on Twitter.

Corpse Husband Instagram:

“Corpse Husband” has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. He has posted photos on Instagram none of which has his face shown. When struck 1 million, he thanked his fans by posting a photo of his hand holding a strand of his hair.


Fans went crazy when  “Corpse Husband” revealed the first look of his upcoming merchandise. Each and every photo that he uploads, even when it has not his face shown, gets an unprecedented hype. “Corpse Husband” is truly an internet sensation and his fans and followers are eagerly waiting for him to reveal his face.

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