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Mercenary Enrollment 80: Who Is The Attacker? Release Date, Poster & More


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The individual who attempted to assassinate Hyung-Nim was not a stranger. The same person tried to shoot Hyung-son Nims in Mercenary Enrollment 79. In addition, readers have seen his face in Chapters 77 and 83. He is, in fact, an assistant professor at Dongguk University’s Department of Communications Studies’ Korean Literature Department. The only thing that sets him apart from the other characters is that he possesses several identities.

Mercenary Enrollment 80: Release Date, Poster & More

Yu Ijin is the man’s name, and it means “youth revolt” in Korean. He obtained his bachelor’s degree with honors from Hanyang University and a master’s degree from Peking University in China. He had two employment offers: one in Peking and one in Korea. He selected Korea because he couldn’t hide his opinions any longer, and he wanted to use his literary talent and enthusiasm to help his nation improve. As a result, he opted to join Doosik Kim’s mercenary army as a mercenary soldier.

Mercenary Enrollment 80 Who Is The Attacker Release Date, Poster & More

Doosik Goes To Meet Ijin Again

In this chapter, we’re kicking off a new series that dives into Doosik and Ijin’s first meeting. We wanted to make sure it was done correctly because it is an important part of the storyline. We’re also beginning a new series about odd events on the battlefield.

Two unexplained incidents occur in the following chapters: one at the meeting with Ijin and the other at the attack on Hyung-Nim. Our conversations with Ijin and Doosik revealed that they had no clue who had assaulted them. Their confusion about who had assaulted them was evident.

However, as seen in Chapter 80 of Mercenary Enrollment, they both knew who assaulted them. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 81 will go through Doosik and Ijin’s meeting.

Chapter 79: Doosik & Ijin Talk About The Fight And Hyung-Nim’s

Doosik was looking through the debris left behind from his meeting with the mystery group. Meanwhile, Hyung-Nim was on the phone with Doosik, telling him not to worry about his company. He was about to handle things on his own.

Doosik proceeded to face the subterranean gang members about the devastation at his office after gathering some information from them. But, according to the big man, it wasn’t their folks that did it.

Days passed, and Doosik still had no idea who had done it. As a result, he decided to make it official by going on the air and announcing what had occurred at his office. This will also help him figure out who damaged everything in his workplace.


Ultimately, this story is not about a professor and his student. At the heart of this series is the question of whether anyone would go so far for one man, and how much that someone is willing to sacrifice—even their life—for another. Min-Ho’s story, which was written after the death of Lee Jai-Wan (이지완), is an epic tragedy embedded within a war novel. Even though Min-Ho once wasn’t able to distinguish who the real attackers were, he now realizes that it was Lee Jai-Wan who ordered him to kill his fellow students. Why? What did they do to make him turn on them in such a dramatic way? And as Min-Ho begins to question himself and his role in this, who will he decide to side with?

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