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US Basketball Star Brittney Griner In Marijuana Possession


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A court which was located near Moscow ordered Brittney Griner to stand in the trial against marijuana possession charges on Friday, after about  4 and half months of her detention that took place at an airport while she was returning to play for a Russian team. She was shackled and appeared suspicious in the courtroom.

Brittney Griner’s Trial In The Court

The two-time Olympic gold winner for the United States, a center for the Phoenix Mercury, was also instructed to stay in detention throughout her criminal prosecution. If found guilty of the allegations against him for large-scale drug transportation, Griner may spend ten years in jail.

US Basketball Star Brittney Griner In Marijuana Possession

According to data, less than 1% of defendants against whom criminal proceedings are going on, are found not guilty in Russia, and also acquittals can be reversed there.

Increase In Her Detention Period By The Court

The court, in Khimki which is a suburb of Moscow, on Monday increased Griner’s detention for about six months after her preliminary hearing that took place in secret.

She was seen in pictures that were clicked by the AP while she was being held in custody. Until July 2, Griner was mandated to remain in pretrial detention.

The arrest and prosecution of Griner occurred during a particularly low period in ties between Moscow and Washington.

Less than a week later, Russia sent soldiers into Ukraine, which exacerbated already-high tensions along with broad U.S. sanctions and Russia’s criticism of U.S. arms sales to Ukraine. She was held in custody at Moscow’s Airport.

When the Department of State reclassified Griner was wrongfully held in custody and gave her control of its special forces hostage affairs her supporters were able to maintain a low profile with the hopes of having a peaceful resolution.

Cherelle Griner, Griner’s wife, pleaded with President Joe Biden to win her release in May, referring to her as “a political pawn.”

Brittney Griner's Trial In The Court

Viktor Bout Detained In America

Russian news outlets have frequently suggested that she would be exchanged for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, sometimes known as “The Merchant of Death,” who is currently serving a 25-year term for conspiring to kill Americans and aiding a terrorist organization.

Russia had put much effort into the release of Bout. However, given the contrast between Bout’s international sales of lethal weapons and Griner’s accused possession of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil, the United States might find such a trade intolerable.

It is also speculated that she and Paul Whelan, who was a former Marine and security director should be traded together.

Griner’s predicament has given a spark to a variety of notions in the United States, which includes worries that her case and call for her release could simply contribute to increasing Russia’s desire to use her against America.

In a recent letter to President Biden, dozens of civil rights organizations—among them the Human Rights Campaign, the National Organisation for Women, and the National LGBTQ Task Force have also stepped into her matter and implored him to take her case seriously and effectively.

America‘s Role In Her Release

Biden is under pressure to assist in Brittney Griner’s release from a Russian prison.

Griner was arrested by the Russian government in an illegal manner, according to the Biden declaration made by Biden officials in early May, which showed that the United States would become active in its efforts to get her release and return back home.

It also showed that America has concerns for her and is consistently working to get her back to her home from Russia.

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