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Stranger Things Is Expected To Move To The Top Of The List!!


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Stranger Things 4: Season 1 had 335.01 million hours of viewing in its first week, propelling it to #3 on Netflix’s all-time list for English-language series, with 621.80 million hours seen in ten days. Stranger Things is expected to move to the top of the list, which measures viewership during a season’s first 28 days on the service, with only Bridgerton’s Season 2 and Season 1, with 656M and 625M views, respectively, being ahead of it.

Stranger Things Was Created By The Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things was created by the Duffer Brothers as a blend of investigative drama and supernatural themes depicted with horror, science fantasy, and childlike sensibilities.

Stranger Things Is Expected To Move To The Top Of The List

Only the blockbuster Squid Game, with 1.65 billion hours viewed in the first 28 days, stands in the way of the sci-fi series finishing at least second on Netflix’s overall all-time list for English- and non-English programs.

Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 was the most-watched English-language TV season on Netflix in a single week from May 30-June 5, and it topped the Top 10 lists in 91 countries, a first for an English TV series.

According to ‘Variety,’ the season’s success has continued, and it has now broken another, even bigger, record: it is Netflix’s third most popular English-language TV season ever.

According to ‘Variety,’ Netflix generates the list based on viewership during a title’s first 28 days of release, which means Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ still has 18 days to climb even further up the chart.

‘Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 also broke the record for the most-watched show in a week among Netflix’s English-language TV series, according to the streamer’s freshly revealed weekly Top 10 rankings, with 335 million hours seen from May 30 to June 5.

Stranger Things swept the top of Netflix’s weekly list, with S1 coming in second with 75.08 million hours seen; S2 coming in third with 58.27 million hours watched, and S3 coming in fourth with 47.42 million hours watched. With 42.5 million hours viewed, Breakout The Lincoln Lawyer was the most-watched non-Stranger Things title at #5. In addition, Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” charted in the top ten for the first time in the chart’s 37-year history.

The series’ ongoing importance is evident. The cumulative viewing of all four seasons made ‘Stranger Things’ the third series ever to garner over 5 billion minutes viewed in a single week, according to Nielsen, which excludes viewing in foreign countries. On July 1, the final two episodes of Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ will air on your favorite streaming platform, Netflix.


Netflix’s best launch weekend ever was marked by the broadcast of the first seven episodes of ‘Stranger Things Season 4, which drew in 287 million hours of viewing in just three days. The series is loved by its fans and loved by the cast that is in sync. It is no doubt one of the best and most loved series of all time on Netflix, still being watched by millions, and may not surprise its fans if it crosses billions of views.


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