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Euphoria’s Storm Reid To Star In And Produce Paramount’s ‘Becoming Noble’


Storm Reid, the Euphoria series actress, is all set to be cast as Gia Bennett in the upcoming film Becoming Noble. The recent reports show that the actress is starring in and producing Paramount’s upcoming movie. 

The role she plays in the movie is Gia Bennett, the younger sister of Rue, portrayed by Zendaya, who is in the teen drama Euphoria. The new film is penned by Nneka Gerstle, and it works at Paramount Pictures.

Storm Reid To Star In And Produce Paramount’s ‘Becoming Noble’

Becoming Noble, the upcoming project of Paramount Pictures is all about a feature film in which the renowned actress is getting into two distinct roles – one as an actress and the other as a producer. The main highlight of the film is the involvement of Nneka Gerstle, who is keenly noted and well appreciated for the three successive fruitful works – Just Beyond, Safe Room, and Treadstone.

Euphoria's Storm Reid To Star In And Produce Paramount's 'Becoming Noble’

Reid and her mother Robyn Simpson hold a production company named A Seed & Wings. Along with the mom and daughter, Cas Sigers Beedles (Unthinkably Good Things) is also having a partnership with the production company. The Becoming Noble movie will be produced by the actress and her mother and it’s going to be under the very same production banner, A Seed & Wings. 

The storyline of the film will take the audience onto a different track than the usually filled stuff. The story is all connected to a high school senior. Reid as Noble is getting in to play as the main character, the high school senior. The story takes a twist after uncovering the fact that Noble is a princess in an African nation.

The leading character after realizing the truth pushes herself to face and cope with reality. Noble then makes a quick move to her hometown on another continent. She thought deeply and took such a decision to find out her roots and to know by her if the royal is that she really wants to be.

Storm Reid Instagram

Apart from the mom and daughter, there are a few who serve as executive producers of the new movie, and they are Betsy Sullenger (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) and Andy Fickman (You Again).

Though the casting, production, and producer info got revealed, the director part is stilled kept wrapped with a surprise. Until now, no official comments have hit the internet about the director of the movie. For the audience who keenly watches every single step of the Becoming Noble movie team, it seems to take time to know whether a director is attached to this movie or not. 

Now, moving on to the actress a bit deeper, Storm was born and bought up in Georgia, United States. She was welcomed by her parents Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid on July 1, 2003. Storm’s parents are African American. 

Storm Reid Parents

Even in her childhood days, Storm Reid, the Euphoria series actress, is all set to be cast as Gia Bennett in the upcoming film Becoming Noble. was very passionate about acting, and she always wanted to become an actress. When she took acting very seriously, she then conveyed her fondness for acting to her parents. Soon when they hear from Storm and her intent to evolve as an actress, they stood with her and gave her in-depth support. The whole family then moved to Los Angeles to fulfill Storm’s dreams to pursue acting.

Reid began her acting carrier in late 2012. She initially appeared in the television film ‘A Cross To Bear’. Her starting seemed a good fortune for her acting carrier ahead. She was then cast as Emily in the movie, 12 Years a Slave, which was a historical drama type. Again, her next move in acting attained crucial glory. She got tagged to be a lucky champ and whatever she had touched, it all bloomed well. 

When Reid was 19 years old, she starred as Tina in the film Sleight, 2016. The movie was a science fiction drama and received notable feedback and great applause from the fans and audience. In the same year, the luck actress had been into the role of Aki in the movie Lea to the Rescue. The film was a part of the series, American Girl. 

Storm Reid Movies

Storm Reid Movies who worked in several shows and movies became a perfect figure as an actress in no time. Reid made a notable positive mark in various films, and some of them are A Wrinkle in Time, A Happening of Monumental Proportions, The Invisible Man, The Suicide Squad, and Don’t Let Go.

Reid’s Gia Bennett character is well famous which was a hit teen drama series Euphoria, on HBO. In the series, she was acting as a younger sister of Zendaya’s Rue. The show was thriving and tagged for not less than sixteen nominations. For the fans of Euphoria, happy news is on the way to rejoice as it has been renewed for a third season to launch.

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