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Love Island Viewers Claim Luca And Dami Were ‘Told To Apologize By Producers’


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The die heart fans and viewers of Love Island think after the brutal challenge, the producers asked Luca and Dami to apologize to Tasha. On Tuesday’s episode, the ITV hit show initiated with the boys getting a chance to play nog, Marry, Pie. the play was really a challenge that allows the islanders to choose a girl among the team who they long to marry, kiss, or to chunk a pie on the face. Right after the brutal round of the play, the massive viewers of Love Island showered their love and sympathy on Tasha.

Love Island Fans Say Luca And Dami Were “Told To Apologize”

The very new round of challenges seemed to be a harsh round for Tasha as she was well-targeted throughout the play. She was the only girl who was pied multiple times by her fellow islanders. Among the boys who pied her, Luca and Dami were the two who shot hard words at her.

After a hard time she faced, other viewers at home rushed to condemn Luca and Dami for their bad doings against Tasha. 

Love Island Viewers Claim Luca And Dami Were 'Told To Apologize By Producers'

One of the islanders said that all of the rest were shocked at the action done by the boys. Still, they don’t know why Luca and Dami pied Tasha and put her in trouble.

There was no reason why they deliberately missed other girls and keenly focused on Tasha. The Love Island even added that, other than piling her, the comments from the boys at Tasha made the situation worse.

Another one of the islanders added that Luca and Dami seemed to be very sweet and friendly with Tasha when they were having their own quality time, but everything went upside down during the play, and it shocked everyone. 

Whether anyone likes Tasha or not is the issue. But the real problem lies in the way Luca and Dami behaved toward Tasha in the name of Snog, Marry, and Pie play round.

Right after the airing of this episode, the fans and viewers hit the Internet against the wrongdoings of the boys against the poor girl. Everyone showed their rage by sharing the post on social media platforms. The comments were all favoring Tasha and they showed deep support for the girl. 

One of the posts showed that it’s all taken to a different state of bullying and personal attack. 

Later in the show, Luca and Dami apologized to Tasha. They were feeling sorry for their brutal behavior during the challenge. They even added that, after the play, they felt muggy and admitted it.

After the apologizing scene, the majority of the audience came forward with their speculations, that the apology by Luca and Dami was forcefully made by the producers. Another one added that he is well sure that the producers made them both apologize to Tasha. 

Anyhow, after apologizing, Tasha was feeling better, and it made her come back on track.

Though the apology seemed to be a forced one, the truth behind their sudden action is still a mystery.  

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