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Marilyn Monroe Gown Sold For 218,000 Dollars


Marilyn Monroe has been the queen of hearts and ruled peoples’ minds. In fact, she was the fashion icon who made everyone drool over her.

To honor her 96th birthday, the most famous gown from the Star Wars movie series was auctioned. In fact, her iconic gown fetched around 218,000 dollars because people still love to own a part of Marilyn Monroe.

Winning this dress in the auction was the best thing for the buyer. Marilyn was one of the most beautiful women in the world who was appreciated for her great music.

Marilyn Monroe Gown Sold For 218,000 Dollars

Certainly, Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer, and model in the 1950s. She was very beautiful and known as the “Blonde Bombshell” by everyone.

Marilyn Monroe Gown Sold For 218,000 Dollars

In fact, she became one of the most popular sex symbols in Hollywood. She was famous to portray comedy characters and had a high sense of fashion.

Monroe’s fans loved her for her beauty, sensitivity, and zeal to make her life fulfilling. She had the vibe and the energy to go far in her Hollywood career. But, she died in August 1962 because of a barbiturate overdose. 

Four-Day Auction Event

Throughout the “Hollywood Legends”, a four-day event was organized to give memorabilia collections to the fans. The first one to be auctioned was Marilyn Monroe’s “There’s No Business Like Show Business’ gown.

She wore the white sheer gown in the musical comedy. In fact, her dress was one of the 100 items belonging to the deceased Hollywood star displayed for auction.

This auction event was organized and announced on Monroe’s 96th birthday. The legendary actress died at the age of 36 years in 1962.

The people grabbing the masterpiece were lucky because they will cherish the beauty of the dress throughout their life. 

Along with Marilyn Monroe’s personal collection, props from Marvel and Star War movies were exhibited. In fact, the props fetched extensive collections because of their popularity amongst fans.

Captain America’s shield was auctioned for 200,000 dollars. On the other hand, the Stormtrooper Helmet from Star Wars fetched 192,000 dollars, and Thor’s hammer was sold for 51,200 dollars.

These were masterpieces that earned a lot of accolades when used in famous Hollywood movies. It is the reason that they got auctioned at great amounts because of the associated brand value. 

Another thing available for the auction was Harry Potter’s broomstick that got sold for 76,800 dollars.

In fact, the event allowed fans to grab hands over various memoirs including Superman’s Cape for 51,200 dollars, and Audrey Hepburn’s ensemble in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for 156,250 dollars.

All these souvenirs were cleaned and taken care of to make the most of the moment. The event started on July 15 (Friday) at Beverly Hills. Every item exhibited in the auction was real, and nothing was faked.

In fact, the bidders were allowed to place their bids and win the cult products in the event. Certainly, the event was very successful as it received appreciation beyond expectations.

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