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Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wives, Messy Divorce, And $60 Million Lawsuit!!


Divorces are normal for everyone and common especially for celebrities, however, when things get out of control they get uglier and the divorce of the prominent American television host, Steve Harvey is no less than a dirty deal.

The name Steve Harvey is very familiar to his audience, despite any age boundaries, however, he had struggled for a couple of years to gain the stability he has attained, and not only the stability, the best ever standup comedian, leads one of the most successful careers ever in multiple fields. Anything he touches turns to gold as Harvey has showcased his talents not only as a host but also as a writer, actor, producer, and comedian.

Ex-Wives Of Steve Harvey, A Messy Divorce, And A $60 Million Lawsuit

He has come a long way before hitting the jackpot and has previously served as a mailman, boxer, autoworker, and more, which is unimaginable now, for a person who earns around $45 million a year, to have gone through a past that held only thorns throughout the way until he saw the beam of light.

The Daytime Emmy Award winner has floundered in his personal life as well in which he was dragged into a lot of ugly situations with his spouses every now and then.

Steve Harvey's Ex-Wives, Messy Divorce, And $60 Million Lawsuit

In 1981, Harvey tied the knots with Marcia Harvey, while he was struggling with his career. The then-hard bread earner had to stay away from home to follow his passion as he was pursuing his career of being a  better comedian. Unfortunately, the struggle itself became the reason for the couple’s split in 1994.

Like adding fire to the flame, it was gushed that the split was caused due to Harvey cheating on Marcia and leaving her alone when she was pregnant with their third child.

Marcia remained low-key after they diverted the paths and the only known fact is that Marcia turned to be an author and has published a couple of books post her divorce.

Steve Harvey And His Second Wife Mary Shackelford

Following the first divorce, Harvey married Mary Lee Harvey in 1996, who was a make-up artist, and again Harvey was dished to be in a relationship with Mary, while he was married to his ex-wife, Marcia.

The ex-couple met while Harvey was a standup comedian in 1989 and after 7 years, she said yes to the legendary host and they shared their love for 9 long years, after which the pair divorced in 2006. Mary remained muted and subtle until she found a very private letter from a mistress at their LA home.

It was in 2011 that the messier crisis arose for Harvey when Mary revealed her side of the divorce. She alleged that a lady happened to call impersonating a job seeker, however, she believes that the lady on the other side was Harvey’s then mistress and current wife, Marjorie Bridges.

For disrespecting the court, Mary was prisoned for a month as she spoke about the divorce case before the public when she was banned from doing so by the honorable judge.

In 2017, Mary filed another lawsuit against her former husband for breach of contract and child torture and claimed an amount of $60 million in compensation, meanwhile, in March, many of her accusations were put down by the court as the attorney of the host produced believable documents before the judge that clearly states that Harvey did not leave his wife and child with nothing, for he has already given a house worth $1.5 million and sends $40,000 to meet the monthly expenses.

Even her indictment of Harvey taking away her child without her consent was also declined as it was proved that Mary herself sent their child to Harvey, but without his knowledge. 

However, Harvey so far has not opened his mouth to talk about the disguises he faced with his ex-wives in public, but he has sought an apology from them, as they were also troubled.

Steve Harvey And His Third Wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey

The iconic television host is currently married to the founder of The Lady Love Couture, 2007 and he has spoken about how dramatically he had proposed to Marjorie by dipping a diamond ring in her dessert.

This year, Steve Harvey celebrated his15th anniversary with the co-founder of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. He has expressed his boundless love toward his wife saying that she is the one who is accountable for letting him reach where he is today, other than the Almighty.

Marjorie had children when she tied the knot with Harvey, whom he has adopted and now the famous television and radio host has 7 children and plenty of grandchildren.

Although he had to run a long way to ultimately reach his destination of triumph, it is now said that Harvey is over the moon, living a life of a winner, with his loving wife Marjorie along with their children and grandchildren.

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