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Marion Barber, The NFL Player’s  Cause Of Death Revealed Recently!!


Marion Sylvester Barber III, well known by the name Marion Barber, was an American professional football player who was very active in the National Football League for seven seasons.

The NFL player was found dead in his apartment last June in Frisco, Texas. After a month, the cause of death is finally out.

Marion Barber was 38, and now the latest news shows that he died of a heart stroke. The reports of his cause of death were revealed by the Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office. But until the reports were shot out, it was widely spread that he suddenly died and the cause of death was reported by the medical examiner as an accident.

Marion Barber, Cause Of Death Revealed Recently!!

According to the Mayo Clinic results, a Heart stroke is a very serious health condition that is usually caused by overheating in the body. This overheating could be a result of exposure to high temperatures or as an aftereffect of hard physical exertion. When the body’s temperature rises to 40 C (104 F), or higher, this may lead to a sudden stroke in the heart.

Marion Barber, The NFL Player’s  Cause Of Death Revealed Recently

The police in Texas reached the barber’s Frisco apartment right after they got a phone call from someone who reported a water leak from the NFL star’s apartment. When the police reached, they found the player deceased at age 38 in his own apartment. 

After the autopsy report was out, it reveals the real cause of what happened to the NFL player who died a month ago. The police found him in his bathtub, and the water was running out. The heat was on, and the thermostat was set to 91 degrees.

The Barber was holding a history of medical problems and was suffering from mental health concerns. The family members recently came forward with something new, Barber was not in contact with them for six days prior to his death. 

The unexpected death of Marion Sylvester Barber was really shocking for both the fans and his family. The response flooding after the news of the player’s death got revealed reflects the fact that he was deeply loved by many. 

The tragic death of Marion Barber III seemed to be really heartbroken for his father. During this hard time, Marion Barber II, the player’s father showed his heartfelt response to the ones who outpoured the tribute for Marion. His father added, “I feel proud of my son, Marion Barber, for being such a great personality. The huge support and hearty condolence from worldwide show who Marion Sylvester Barber III is and how many hearts he won in such a short period of time”.

During Barber’s career, he played with the Dallas Cowboys, for nearly a long period of six years, which was from 2005 to 2011. After the player’s passing, the Texas team never forgot to reflect on the legacy their team player left off.

On June 1, Dallas Cowboys shared a post on his Instagram that he really misses his co-player. Dallas told that Barber was very passionate about the game, and he had deep love in his heart for his teammates and coaches. 

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