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Is Spy x Family Cancelled? Spy X Family Episode5 Release Date & Plot


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There’s a Spy X Family Episode 5 coming out this week. The previous episode took the Forgers on a wild adventure. Their hopes of getting past the first round of interviews were high.

Spy x Family Episode 5 Release Date Countdown

When Loid saw how well Anya and Yor were doing in school, he was overjoyed. When he saw that the housemaster was attempting to get her out of the school, he changed his opinion.

Spy X Family Episode 5

Yor and Anya will be anxiously awaiting the examination results in the following plot. On the other hand, Loid would already be strategizing for the mission’s next move. In the twisted tale of the created family, fans are already eager to know what happens next.

Spy X Family Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

‘The Prestigious School’s Interview,’ the fourth episode of Spy X Family, debuted and ran all day on the interview day.

Loid was the black swan, despite Anya and Yor’s best efforts to make it a success. The housemaster was manipulating Anya into discussing her biological mother. 

Loid was enraged because she attempted to bring them down on her own accord. On top of that, she was actively working to evict them early on in the interview.


The results of the interview round will be revealed in Spy X Family Episode 5. This family has a good chance of being chosen in this round.

Previous Episode’s Summary!

The interview was part of Spy X Family’s fourth episode, “The Prestigious School’s Interview.” Loid noticed that Headmaster Henry and the other staff were paying close attention to the interview.

In some cases, they even denied admittance to families that did not meet their standards. The school farm’s calves had suddenly emerged into the open.

Neither Yor nor Anya were able to save the two of them. Once the interview was over, the Forger family sat with the housemaster and the rest of the staff.

However, Housemaster Swan was exerting undue pressure on Anya to divulge the identity of her biological mother.

At this point, Loid broke the chair’s leg and walked out of the interview. The family left the episode convinced that the outcome was now sealed in stone.

Episode 5’s Storyline

The aftermath of the failed interview and Loid at an all-time low in the fifth episode, titled “Will They Pass or Fail,” will be featured. Anya also believes that this failure would lead to the disbanding of her family.

Despite the operation’s failure, Loid has to do all he can to keep his family safe while salvaging as much of the mission as possible.


We’ll see if our Forgers family can figure out a way to get Anya into a good university in the upcoming episode.

Spy X Family Episode 5: Release Date

The tension between Anya’s eccentricity and Yor’s genius will deepen in the next adventure. Fortunately, the following episode won’t take a vacation.

Spy X Family Episode 4 will be released on May 7, 2022, which is this coming week. Only on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Muse Asia’s official spaces will fans be able to view every episode of the anime.


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