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Is Chainsaw Man Anime Coming Out In 2022? Release Date, Characters, Episode, Trailer


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Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series, Chainsaw Man, is the inspiration for a planned supernatural action-horror television anime. On June 27, 2021, the highly anticipated Japanese animation company MAPPA published its trailer for the highly awaited series. 

Chainsaw Man Release Date, Characters, Episode, Trailer

As a human-demon hybrid with a chainsaw for ahead, you can expect plenty of gore and violence in this video. There is currently no release date for the first season of Chainsaw Man, although it is expected to premiere in 2022.

Chainsaw Man Release Date, Characters, Episode, Trailer

In December 2020, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced the news of the upcoming anime in the second issue of the following year. MAPPA will be directed by Chainsaw Man, the studio most known for Jujutsu Kaisen, Dorohedoro, Zombie Land Saga, and Attack on Titan’s final season. 

As part of the MAPPA Stage 2021 – 10th Anniversary event, the trailer was also available online. A launch date has yet to be set, but the crew members have been released, and their positions have been announced. Thus the series will air sometime in fall 2021 if all goes well.

Chainsaw Man’s Characters

Denji, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man, can convert his limbs into chainsaws after becoming half Devil. His Devil dog Pochita, who restored him, has taken the place of his heart and given him these abilities. At the request of Makima, a mystery woman with whom Denji has a deep romantic interest, they join the Public Safety Devil Hunters. 

Even though her motivations and aspirations remain unexplained for most of the series, her manipulation of Denji paints a picture of a character who is anything but upright.

Aki and Power, Denji’s coworkers and roommates, are also featured. One of Aki’s demon bonds grants him the gift of prophecy. He is a Devil Hunter. One of Power’s most notable characteristics is her enthusiasm and desire to engage in combat. 

As a result, despite her penchant for violence, she has established herself as one of Denji’s most trusted allies. Several other private sector Devil Hunters appear in the series, each with its own goals and desires.

The Story of Chainsaw Man

In Chainsaw Man‘s storyline, it is a planet destroyed by demonic creatures that feed on human fear. Humans can join forces with these demonic entities and acquire their supernatural abilities, even though they are antagonistic. Denji, the protagonist, is a young guy who is struggling to pay off his father’s large yakuza debt. Assisting him is Pochita, the Devil Dog, who has a chainsaw for a nose and is accompanying him on this quest.

Denji is killed by a Devil he was supposed to kill as part of a plan to pay off the debt. Despite this, Pchita unites with Denji, resurrecting him and bestowing him with his chainsaw ability due to a prior arrangement. Denji is compelled to join a government-sponsored organization known as the Devil Hunters, where he is entrusted with tracking down and killing other Devils to prevent the same fate from befalling him. 

Blood, guts, and existential dread have made the series stand out in the Jump universe and propel it to its present level of success. It’s not only a slasher series because of its over-the-top goofiness and contempt for tradition.


Chainsaw Man trailer

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the MAPPA Stage, a teaser trailer was published in June 2021. It features beautiful animation and some unexpectedly pastoral sequences before things go downright horrific.

The manga had sold more than 12 million copies as of December 2021. Shogakukan Comic Award 66th in the shonen category and Harvey Awards Best Manga category in 2021 for this manga. Critics have praised Chainsaw Man’s storyline, violence, and dark comedy, which are the film’s strengths.

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