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Fights And Fear! Someone Sprays Mace Into The Crowd At SF Pride Stage


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San Francisco’s Pride Festival was suddenly interrupted and temporarily ended up on last Sunday. The peopled gathered there had to face an ugly end otherwise would be an inspiring event for sure. A fight broke out near the Civic Center right after someone started spraying mace near the stage. The situation there was worse, and the gathered people were frightened and got panicked. The people ran and escaped thinking it was an active shooting.

Fights Break Out After A Person Sprays Mace Into The Crowd At The Sf Pride Stage, Organizers Say!!

A live-shooted video was caught by an active social media user who was shooting the live moments from a nearby building. The intention of the video shooter was just to post it on social media platforms but really helped the authorities to actually confirm what had happed on the spot.

Fights And Fear! Someone Sprays Mace Into The Crowd At SF Pride Stage

The video shows a large group of observers just standing and watching with no effect while the revelers danced nearby.

Soon after the incident got reported, the officers hit the area of Market Street and 7th St with no time. They reached around 5.25 PM but were not able to find any victims or witnesses right from the spot. The officers said that there were no other signs of shooting or any attempt to shoot at the spot of the function. They even added that the sound of breaking up the mace spray would be misheard by the people. On Sunday, the festival winded up at 6 PM.

What Really Happened At The SF Pride Stage?

Some of the people who were at the festival shared that, they actually stood near the hip-hop side of the stage and were enjoying it. Out of a sudden, couple of groups started to fight at different places within the SF Pride festival area. Someone from the crowd said they were shooting, and the whole crowd got frightened and started to run. Few of the crowd started to hide behind the stuff. When the police arrived at the spot and opened up tear gas, then everyone started to run in a hurry again.

As said, the couple of groups who were fighting sprayed mace into the crowd at the Kaiser Permanente main stage. Luckily no one was hurt but created a panic situation that made the performance cut short sooner than expected.

The crowd got dispersed by the arrival of the heavy police force. One of the women who were at the festival shared that she was not even able to breathe at that moment due to the dreadful panic situation. 

Apart from the bad thing that happened at the Civic Center, everything was perfect, and most of the people said that they were extremely happy to be there.

This was the grand festival after clearing out from COVID 19 pandemic. So, the people were really excited about the reunion and all were having fun together. 

In general, the festival was carried out in a decent manner, and lots had a great experience hand in hand.


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