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Serena Williams Opens Up About ‘Mental Fitness’ With Selena Gomez!


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Out of the blue, the tennis pro player, Serena Williams has been talking about her mental health, which is taking a colossal turn on the internet. 

On Monday, the Ice Cream singer, Selena Gomez shared an Instagram video on Wondermind, her mental fitness platform in which the saga was engaging in a conversation with Willams,40,  on topics about mental wellness.

Williams spilled what according to her was mental fitness by saying that she often shuts herself or tries to learn to shut down, in order to attain mental health. The singles world number one tennis player said that she has been practicing and implementing the technique years ago when mental health barely made headlines. 

Serena Williams Opens Up About ‘Mental Fitness

The esteemed player put light on her past by elucidating that shutting herself down was never a task as that usually happened within her subconscious mind as it goes like,” Alright, let me shut down for today”. She added that with her heightened self-confidence and self-love, she has reached a point where she considers mental health to be something that has the most priority when compared to other things. Thus, she has always managed to consider herself first, and eventually, she has mastered shutting down moments as well. 

Serena Williams Opens Up About 'Mental Fitness' With Selena Gomez!

The tennis mogul said that with time she has learned to keep serious boundaries which she strictly observes. Williams further mentioned her daily routine where she gets disappointed in the end for not doing specifically anything for her own good and she has so far mentioned this multiple times already. However, time and again Williams has failed to impress the self-loving woman hidden within. But, the tycoon has ultimately stated in the intimate conversation with Serena that she has been working on the same thing and that she would do her best. 

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Williams, one of the most inspirational women of all time revealed her present goal, which is to go through the path where she can more or less focus on her own priorities. Moreover, she tried to continue where she left off by saying that she would again turn herself off if needed.

Selena Gomez and Serena got to share the screen in light of Serena’s announcement about getting away from tennis, – which of course meant Serena’s retirement from tennis- which definitely was something that ignited a kind of anxiety.  No one was expecting such a notice from a prolific player like Serena, who has in stretch won five times as the year number 1.

The groundbreaking news was shared by Serena Williams herself in the Vogue article which was released in September 2022. In the essay, she wrote that she was against the term “retirement” and how much the word did not suit the modern era. Williams however, managed to display her thoughts regarding the “get away from tennis” by which she actually meant a transition and not an actual retirement, which has a massive meaning when it comes to a certain group of people. 

She said that she was too sensitive about how she has been implementing the word ‘RETIREMENT’ in her speech and thus the icon particularly used another term to express her intention, which was as good as “evolving”. 


In the Vogue statement, she declared how she was deviating into several other areas of interest after ultimately evolving from tennis. In the writing, Williams made it clear that she felt awkward and reluctant to admit to herself or to the people around her in talking about her decision of moving away from tennis, which was close to her chest, from time to time. 

Being a pro player, Williams shared that she found no joy in bragging about the topic which in fact built great pain to suffer. It is obvious for a tennis-lover like Willaims to shed two drops of tears while she is taking big steps away from it. Also, she herself said that it was unimaginable and was ripping herself out in despair. 

Williams, left with no other choice, is enduring the pain that in no way she can’t unsee. Seemingly, Williams is at a crossroads in life, where she will have to make decisions that might or might not be that easy. In the essay, Williams hinted at her difficulty in dealing with the matter which at the time she hates the most. Although she is wishing for things to be easy, it is equally hard on her. 

She is actually stuck in between her own likes and dislikes as she is currently looking for the next but also grieving for what is left behind. 

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