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Meet Doodle For Google 2022 Winner Sophie Araque-Liu


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In the 2022 contest for doodle creators which was open to schools of kids across the US, Google announced Tuesday the most remarkable winner named Sophie Araque Liu, a high schooler. The Doodle created by this fascinating schooler Sophie, and her doodle named ‘ Not Alone’ is way too intriguing. Google Doodles are the unconstrained, surprising, and appealing interchanges that are made to the google logos to celebrate holidays and other days. The doodle created by Sophie was stupendous and it holds a deep meaning within it. 

Who Is Sophie Araque-Liu?

 Her title ‘Not Alone’ is a reach out to the people across the globe who are suffering in their sweltering circumstances. The doodle contains a meticulous theme “ I care for myself by….”. And the rest of it was filled by several students across the world, recognizing that there are others in this world who are also to care for you. Sophie’s precise message on it’s okay to search for a shoulder to lean on is very resounding and this doodle could enhance the necessity of a support system in one’s life. 

Meet Doodle For Google 2022 Winner Sophie Araque-Liu

Stress and depression are the fundamental problems suffered by the majority of the population across the world. Many teenagers to adults had to endure massive issues related to stress and this is adversely affecting their mental health. So in order to rescue them from this adversity, they should see the illumination at the end of the tunnel. Being mentally ill is not a big issue. People who suffer from that harbor a kind of trepidation that they will be ostracised from society. When one feels sick we seek the help of a doctor so similarly, it is as simple as when we seek mental health too.

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Even small school children suffer from stress and they are finding it too difficult to express their predicament to their parents. The fundamental role of parents is to ensure their children feel comfortable in expressing their feelings and emotions. Amidst the busy life schedules, most parents miserably fail to comprehend their children’s pain behind their smiles. Nowadays, children and teenagers have become eccedentesiast.  It’s really too selcouth that there is no one to help them out or to lend an ear to hear them out. 

People fall into depression because of some unexpected mishaps. This unfathomable malady could lead them to commit suicide. Their leaden heart aches for a support system or a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear them out. So lending an ear, and being a strong pillar to rely on is such a sacrificial thing to do. Numerous people have committed suicide because they were no one to help them out. Their insatiable hunger to get rid of this filthy malady is in vain when nobody tries to help them. This rapacious world is running fast and no one has any spare time to reach out to their loved ones. 

Family is the most important thing in one’s life. If their family is beyond saving its own, then one’s life is in the utmost peril. Their unabated support is the only pillar of strength a child would need. “We may not be in the same boat, but we are in the same ocean”. The ones who suffer from stress and depression may have malicious reasons, but in the end, the people who suffer from it around the world are in the same ocean. To be a support system in one’s life and have an irrefutable place in their life is worth a million-dollar thing. Money is not the base for everything, it’s the peace of mind. Yes, money plays a huge role in one’s life, but there are other certain valuable things beyond that. 

To confide in others, even in strangers is the way to pour one’s heart out in order to escape from this malady. If this is unchecked it will fester in the mind and money could be of no help. Many people consider depression and stress trite and frivolous. But the one who suffers from it knows how formidable it is. So it is imperative to take precautions for the sake of posterity from this havoc. 

Sophie Araque had done an incredible job by creating this thoughtful Doodle. This doodle would immeasurably help people all over the world and will create awareness about how horrible it is to lead a forlorn life devoid of happiness and peace. The retreat from the tranquil hues of life will make life hideous and prosaic. The doodle by Sophie entails these meanings and Sophie Araque-Louis worth being the winner. Her doodle also entails a gallery of artworks for all state winners. Her perspicacity and shrewdness made her the winner. Her unwavering scintillating wit behind this creative doodle is inexplicable and she deserves this crown. 

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