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Who Is Ric Flair? Net Worth Bio, Age, Awards, Career!


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The American wrestler had a long and successful career, establishing his status as a genuine legend. He is well-known across the world for his rebellious deeds as well as his passion for wrestling. During his extensive career, he established some groups that, when pitted against competitors, relied on their strength results, which now hold the majority of awards. 

In addition to developing a reputation for being a badass and a signature sign consisting of the cry “woohoo!”, he also ornamented his robes. Ric’s career was on the brink of ending when he was wounded in a major air accident and shattered his back three times; nonetheless, he survived and exhibited his excellent physical capabilities after the injury. As a direct result of this, he has many accolades, titles, and recognitions from all over the globe.

Ric Flair Net Worth

In 2022, it is anticipated that Ric Flair will have a net worth of 500,000 dollars.

According to the documents, Ric Flair made $35,000 in his most recent monthly pay. His management services, which he offers to businesses in the wrestling industry, provide the vast majority of his income.

Who Is Ric Flair? Net Worth Bio, Age, Awards, Career!

The World Wrestling Entertainment organization counts Ric Flair as a 16-time winner, even though the number of times he has held the world title has ranged anywhere from 16 to 25 times.

He claims that he has won twenty-one titles. He was the first person ever to hold both the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship simultaneously.

Following his victories at the World Tag Team Championship and the United States Heavyweight Championship, he became the first individual to ever complete WCW’s Triple Crown by becoming the organization’s first World Heavyweight Champion.

After conquering the WWF Championship and the World Tag Team Championship, he completed the “Triple Crown” in WWE by claiming the Intercontinental Championship.

Ric Flair Early Life 

On August 28, 1971, Flair married Leslie Goodman as his first wife. After a 12-year marriage with two children, Megan and David, the couple divorced in 1983.

His second wife, Elizabeth Harrell, was married on August 27, 1983, and the wedding’s best man was promoter Jim Crockett Jr. Both Reid and Ashley were born to this couple. Between 1998 and 2000, Beth and her family made many appearances on WWE Superstars.

After 23 years of marriage, Flair and Beth split in 2006.

Flair tied the knot for the third time with fitness competitor Tiffany VanDemark on May 27, 2006. She completed Tiffany and Flair’s divorce in 2009 after she filed for divorce in 2008.

Flair married his fourth wife, Jacqueline “Jackie” Beems, in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November 11, 2009. Beams and Flair separated in 2012 and divorced in 2014, respectively.

Who Is Ric Flair? Net Worth Bio, Age, Awards, Career!

Flair married Wendy Barlow at a Florida resort on September 12. Flair and Barlow confirmed their split on January 31, 2022.

Former WCW and WWF wrestler David Flair, Ric’s eldest son, made two televised appearances in the run-up to WrestleMania X8 in 2002 as part of his father’s stable of talent. He has now retired.

After signing a developmental deal with WWE at the end of 2007, Reid Flair appeared on WCW television alongside his sisters Ashley and half-sister Megan. He was an awesome high school wrestler.

Ric Flair Career

In 1971, he enrolled in the training program and worked on his skills until he was ready to fight professionally. He abbreviated his name when he joined the National Association of Wrestling.

In 1973, he signed his first contract with the International Wrestling Enterprise and his promoter to work in professional wrestling. He later left the band and began working for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Once again, he toured Japan and changed the wrestling federation in the 1990s. He continues to go to Japan regularly before 2013. 

He was to wrestle one more time on January 26, 2013; however, the WWE announced only hours before that event that the wrestler would be substituted owing to health concerns. This man’s leg was revealed to be massively enlarged.

His career suddenly ended when he was involved in a plane crash. Professional wrestler Johnny Valentine was paralyzed, in addition to the pilot, who was killed in the crash. An autopsy has shown that Ric’s spine has been crushed three times. In the opinion of the physicians, he would never be able to return to wrestling as a professional. Yet after a determined eight-month recovery period, Ric returned to fighting after receiving the proper physical therapy. 

Who Is Ric Flair? Net Worth Bio, Age, Awards, Career!

This accident changed Ric’s fighting style for the rest of his career. After capturing the title in 1977, he went on to win it five more times. WWE champion Ric Flair indeed did win the belt nine times in total. After losing the title to Race in New Zealand and Singapore in March 1984, Flair quickly regained it by beating it back in less than a week.

In 1985, Ric began using two wrestlers to aid him in his attacks. The Andersons, Blanchards, and Ric were called “The Four Horsemen” group. The four rule-breakers formed the most bizarre alliance ever. With their combined power, the wrestlers won most of the championships.

Gravin dethroned Ric in 1987 to claim the heavyweight title. Two months after that, he resigned from his position as champion. At the 1988 Clash of Champions, he fought against Ricky Steamboat and Sting. Due to a contract dispute, the wrestler was let go by World Championship Wrestling in the 1990s.

Ric Flair Earnings

Although Ric Flair has some luxury vehicles, he is often spotted driving a Chevrolet SS that has been painted black and is estimated to be worth around $72,000. In addition to this, he is the owner of a 1999 Bentley Arnage T (value $72,000), a Mercedes Benz (worth $32,000), and a Chevrolet Camaro (worth a combined total of $61,140).

When it comes to his home, he resided in a mansion found in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is believed that his home, a two-story structure with a swimming pool, is worth a total of one million dollars in terms of its real estate value.

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Ric Flair Family

There are four children and five past marriages in Ric’s family. His first marriage lasted for twelve years and resulted in the birth of two children for him. In 1983, he remarried, and this marriage resulted in the delivery of two further children. With his wife and children, he was a member of WCW. The wrestler sought a divorce after a marriage that had endured for two decades. In 2008, Ric married a fitness competitor, but they divorced soon after. The wrestler swiftly initiated divorce proceedings after the pair wed again in 2009.

Ric Flair Daughter

He is presently married to Wendy Barlow, with whom he has two children. It’s his son, who is a semi-retired professional wrestler. Wrestling is a sport that his younger son also participates in. He became a grandfather at age 55 when his daughter gave birth to a youngster. His youngest son, Reid, died of an overdose in 2013 at 22. The wrestler’s daughter Charlotte has the ring name Charlotte. The wrestler was experiencing some health difficulties.

 His alcoholic cardiomyopathy was discovered and diagnosed. The wrestler has an estimated $6,5 million in wealth.

Ric Flair Awards  

  • 2014 Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame induction of George Tragos and Lou Thesz.
  • 1987’s Most Controversial Feud Vs. The Super Powers and The Road Warriors: The Four Horsemen
  • Match of the Year at the 2008 Slammy Awards
  • Bronze Statue of WWE Champion in 2017
  • Wrestler of the Year in 1996
  • Wrestler of the Year (1982–1986, 1989–90, and 1992–93)


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