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Rebel Wilson Breaks Her Silence After Allegations She Should Be ‘Outed’!!



Rebel Wilson finally spoke out after an Australian magazine came dangerously close to revealing her identity. In an Instagram post made on Thursday, the actress revealed that she is currently seeing fashion designer Ramona Agruma, whom she first became acquainted with while working on the set of Pitch Perfect.

Rebel Wilson Breaks Her Silence Following Rumors That She Was About To Be “Outed”!!

To announce their new relationship on Instagram, she shared a selfie of herself and her new lover, in which they both appear to be smiling broadly. She said in the image’s description, Now after the Sydney Morning Herald stated in an article that it had given the actress two days to respond to the connection before it was going to print a story, the actress has answered. This comes after the Sydney Morning Herald stated in the article that it had given the actress two days to respond to the connection. The report has been met with a barrage of criticism from readers of the publication.

Rebel Wilson Breaks Her Silence After Allegations She Should Be Outed

In the scenario, which Rebel characterizes as “very traumatic,” she expresses gratitude to her followers for their support and thanks to them for following her. “I’d like to thank you for your lovely thoughts. The situation was quite challenging, but I’m doing my best to be gracious in the face of it.” She posted on Twitter.

On Thursday, a media source emailed Rebel Wilson’s managers. Ramona Agruma’s Los Angeles-based leisure wear designer, Andrew Horry, says she offered them two days to react to her new partnership.

He reflected on how expensive mistakes may be. Wilson decided to reveal her new profession as a “Disney Princess” early on Friday morning by bragging about it on Instagram. She called herself a “Disney Princess.” In the past, Wilson had bragged about her beautiful ex-boyfriend, the American beer baron Jacob Busch, on Instagram.

It was claimed that a tabloid was going to “out” Rebel Wilson before making her new relationship with Ramona Agra public. However, this did not occur. After an article about her relationship was published in the Sydney Morning Herald precisely one day after Rebel acknowledged it, the 42-year-old actress rushed to social media to express her gratitude to her supporters and thank them for their encouragement.

She commented on Twitter that it was a “very challenging circumstance,” and she said that she was “trying to manage it with grace.”

After reading rumors that she was going to be “outed” by a newspaper just before going public with her new partner Ramona Agruma, Rebel Wilson decided to come out of hiding (left) In response to a tweet by Kate Doak, “So obviously it wasn’t @RebelWilson’s choice to come out,” Rebel Wilson tweeted back, “It was!” She was given advance notice by the SMH and The Age, two days before the event, that they intended to “out” her. In addition, the openly gay males who worked at the Sydney Morning Herald participated in this.

According to Doak, the Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Hornery offered Rebel two days to comment on an article about their connection before publishing it in his Private Sydney column on Thursday. Doak claims that Hornery provided Rebel with this opportunity. “We approached Rebel Wilson’s agents on Thursday morning and gave her two days to answer before releasing a single word about her new connection with Los Angeles leisure wear designer Ramona Agruma,” he stated. “We wanted to ensure she was ready to talk about it.”

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