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Pregnant Sharna Burgess Puts An End To The Crazy Rumor!!


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Sharna Burgess has rectified the situation once and for all with her findings. Nicole Scherzinger, pregnant and a pro dancer on “Dancing with the Stars,” has taken to social media to dispel allegations that she and her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, are living apart.

According To Her Story Published In The Sunday

The Australian dancer stated that she and her partner had been house hunting to disprove the “crazy” accusations circulating about them on her Instagram Story. According to her Story published in the Sunday, May 29 issue of Story, she stated that “Brian has been going with me to look at properties,” which has been a wonderful experience.

After that, Sharna brought up that ever since she listed her home for sale, rumors have been going around about her and Brian. She said this happened after she advertised her house. People have been inquiring why she and Brian are not cohabitating and why she is purchasing a new home, both of which she has referred to as being “insane.”

The professional dancer, who is 36 years old, explained that she had recently sold her property in Los Angeles because she was able to make a profit from the local real estate market.


Sharna laughed at the speculations that she was not living with Brian, and she appeared to find the claims to be absurd. She chuckled and then remarked, “Is it not obvious that Brian and I live together?” She and Brian were living together.

Sharna’s mother is looking for a home in California since she plans to move there before her daughter gives birth to the kid she will have with Brian. She explained that she was buying a home for her mother because her relocation would occur to the United States.

Even though Sharna and Brian are currently in a problematic situation with housing, the couple is expecting a child in February. A woman who was expecting announced her pregnancy over social media by posting a picture of her baby bump with Brian’s and other friends’ hands. 

She also encloses a heartfelt note, which reads as follows: “And with that, my entire life was turned upside down. For ever-increasing and deepening, ever larger. unlimited in both quantity and freedom for all of the time.” 

After then, Sharna revealed the gender of the baby and provided an estimate of the length of time she anticipated her labor to last. The claims that Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green are not living together have been debunked in a new video uploaded by Burgess.

 This is not because she has broken up with her boyfriend. When she was dispelling the notion about her appearance, the professional dancer from Dancing With the Stars sported a face free of makeup and a white bucket hat.

Sharna revealed to Us Weekly that she became pregnant unexpectedly and that she was terrified to inform Brian because he was at home watching a basketball game when she found out she was expecting a child. This is even though Brian and Sharna announced their pregnancy in February. She pondered this question to herself, “So, what exactly is she going to do?” 

She is unable to share this information with him at this moment. The Los Angeles Lakers, who are currently on a losing streak, will not be happy to hear this news. As a direct consequence of this, she had to sit there for half an hour. After that, he came into the room and said, “Today is a huge day. 

The Los Angeles Lakers overcame adversity and emerged victorious.” After that, she remarked, “Things will not improve from here on out. It is highly recommended that you take some time off and unwind “‘ It’s

Although this was a more hurried plan than the one we had envisioned for spending the rest of our lives together, Brian was content with it. We were probably a year ahead of our goal, but he was happy because he knew how long I’d been looking forward to this. After all, we were so much ahead of schedule.


Since his divorce from ex-wife Megan Fox in 2011, Brian has had three children with his ex-fiancée Vanessa Marcil: Kassius (age 20), Noah (age 9), and Journey (year 5). Kassius is the oldest of the three children, Noah is the second oldest, and Journey is the youngest. On the other side, Sharna was anxious about informing her children that she was expecting a child of her own.


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