HomeTop NewsPaul Haggis Is Arrested In Italy On Charges Of Sexual Assault!!!

Paul Haggis Is Arrested In Italy On Charges Of Sexual Assault!!!


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Paul Haggis, the film’s director, has been arrested in Italy on suspicion of sexual assault. Legally accused of sexual assault and a significant personal injury stemming from non-consensual sexual contact is ‘Crash’ director and renowned screenwriter Paul Haggis.

This past Sunday, Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis was detained by the authorities. In Italy, he was arrested and charged with sexual assault, according to reports.

Paul Haggis Was Arrested In Italy For Suspected Sexual Misconduct!!

After an investigator received a report of a sexual assault by a young foreign woman in southern Italy, the director was taken into custody. In order to save the foreign woman’s life, doctors had to put her on a life support machine. They discovered that she had an extramarital affair with an Italian man named Haggis, which had led to her developing major health issues.

Paul Haggis Is Arrested In Italy On Charges Of Sexual Assault

The victim’s identity, age, or nationality have not been released, according to a statement from Italian prosecutors via the Associated Press. She was sighted at an airport near Italy. All of this took place early on Sunday morning. The lady was sexually abused for two days by Haggis before being left off at the airport, according to the results of her comprehensive medical checkup and the statement she provided. When the woman was discovered by airport personnel and police, she was in a psychiatric condition. She was quickly apprehended at the airport because of her vulnerable state.

After that, she was sent to a local hospital for further evaluation. The police were alerted by medical staff, and she was able to provide a detailed account of her ordeal to them. She made a formal complaint about the alleged sexual assault and provided details from the scene to back up her claims. Paul Haggis was immediately taken into custody on suspicion of causing bodily harm and sexual assault after the woman filed complaints against him.

Haggis was in southern Italy for the inaugural Allora festival, which was taking place there at the time. Allora Fest organizers immediately halted the inaugural event and arranged for a new one after being alerted to the incident. A master class in Italy had been scheduled for the director as recently as that day.

Haggis attorney Priya Chaudhry, a savvy litigator, stated that evidence cannot be disclosed under Italian law. In addition, she reaffirms her faith in Mr.Haggis’ abilities. She argues that Haggis will be found not guilty of any of the charges leveled against him and that his innocence is beyond doubt. The lawyer and the client would comply fully with the procedures to uncover the truth as early as possible, she adds.

Contrary to what Priya said, other women came forward in late 2017 and early 2018 to accuse Haggis of exactly the same kinds of sexual misconduct. After that, the publicist Haleigh Breest sued the scriptwriter in civil court. Three additional women have come forward since then to accuse Paul Haggis of various offenses.

A 28-year-old woman who accused Paul Haggis of sexual assault in 1996 was one of the witnesses at the late event. She was employed as a television artist at the time. Haggis tried to kiss her in the back office while she was there for a show. She was then forced to perform oral sex with her and raped her as a result. The Covid pandemic put a hold on the Breest’s lawsuit, which is currently continuing.


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