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Olivia Rodrigo, Amy Schumer, And Others Raise Awareness About Abortion Rights In The Wake Of The Roe v. Wade decision


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The current court decision about abortion rights left no other option in front of Olivia Rodrigo and Amy Schumer than taking the help of social media. Soon, it became a national protest as most women raised their voices against the order.

With Amy Schumer & More! Proclaim Your Right To An Abortion

It is the right of every woman to decide whether she wants to give birth to a child or not. This is what the girls are aware of and now made public, especially after this incident. After the celebrities leaked the order of the Supreme Court, the whole of the United States gave an outcry not supporting the court’s action. To get the detailed news, please continue to read the content in full.

Olivia Rodrigo, Amy Schumer, and Others Raise Awareness About Abortion Rights

Ruling On The Women’s Rights

Recently, the court overturned the case ruling of Roe V. Wade of 1973 and gave orders that abortion rights are not legal. This undoubtedly shocked Olivia Rodrigo and Amy Schumer. After getting such a careless and unfavorable reaction from the Supreme Court, they took the social media’s help for raising their voice. Within seconds, people from different corners flooded their accounts with numerous comments supporting their decision.

The court made abortion rights legal nationwide in the old case of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973. However, when Amy and Olivia filed the case, the orders came in their favor without considering the previous ruling. This was indeed something that the celebrities have never imagined.

Therefore, they immediately expressed their discontent on social media and asked for the support of the global public. Their idea worked at a lightning speed and millions of people joined this initiative. No law can set a hurdle in exercising the common rights of women.

Opinions Of Different Celebrities

Many celebrities expressed their opinions on the topic favoring the Right to Abortion. Here we present the personal thoughts of some of them.

Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers, one of the renowned musicians, gave her voice in favor of abortion. The famous artist underwent a similar situation. In her opinion, planned parenthood should be the ultimate choice of every person, irrespective of male or female.

Without proper planning, it will not be right to welcome a new life to the Earth. After all, a person should take a baby only when he or she is ready. Otherwise, the upbringing of the child will also suffer from many hurdles. Bridgers also admitted that she used to have contraceptive pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. That is totally fair for any woman who wants to lead a systematic life.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is a great fighter for the rights of women. She opened up about a woman and the utilization of their bodies in front of hundreds of fans during one of her concerts. Rodrigo is only 19 now and represents the girls of the present generation. She is frank about her opinion regarding abortion.

A woman’s body is her personal asset. Therefore, no other person has the right to give orders to her that how she will utilize the same. Similarly, in the case of abortion, if the lady is not ready to keep the child, why will she give birth in the first place?

Hence, abortion is very natural and no issues should arise regarding its legality. Thus, every woman must be aware of these rights and raise her voice for a safe and hassle-free abortion process.

Cynthia Nixon

The superstar of Sex and the City fame, Cynthia Nixon also gave some honorable opinions on this delicate matter. In one of the interviews in 2018, she made it very clear that abortion rights and sex are both private issues. Therefore, no third person has the right to question a woman about her decision to get pregnant or keep the child.

She explained the pain that her mother went through before her birth. Back in those times, Nixon’s mother faced a terrible experience while going through an illegal abortion. So, it is essential that a woman has the courage to speak about when to abort her child and when not. No one can pressure her into taking a forceful decision.

Jameela Jamil

This celebrity also did not hesitate in accepting that she was not ready to bear a child at that point in time. Hence, it was very logical for her to go for an abortion. Moreover, Jamil also clarified that she does not have any regret for making such a decision.

Of course, her own mental state and health conditions were more important than thinking about someone who was unborn. Thus, according to her, a ban on abortion is not a solution.

There will be a need to abort a child if a person is unwilling to give birth. However, the result of such a ban will be unsafe abortion with all kinds of disadvantages. After all, abortion comes under the concept of Healthcare only. On her Instagram handle, she made this point very carefully to make the public aware.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer also said that the Supreme Court is not understanding the mental agony of a girl before giving birth. Thus, its decision is completely against the freedom of women and so, it should reconsider the matter.

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