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Like Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lohan, Jennifer Garner And John Miller Are Forming A “Blended Family”


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The relationship between Jennifer Garner and John Miller has been in the talks for quite a long time. For the last four years, the couple’s chemistry is a mystery for the public that keeps on changing from time to time.

Jennifer Garner And John Miller Are Forming A “Blended Family”

The 50-year-old star is currently dating John Miller, a renowned business icon. However, the duo is famous for maintaining an off-and-on relationship. The big question that arises in the minds of the fans is the ultimate result of their love life with Garner.

Jennifer Garner And John Miller Are Forming A Blended Family

You will get a clear idea about the rumors about Jennifer and her 44-year-old boyfriend in this content. Can it become a blended family like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

Popularity Of Ben And J.Lo

At present, the news of the second engagement of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is a hot topic in Hollywood. On one hand, when Ben is getting loads of congratulations, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s name is also coming to the headlines with John Miller.

Although this couple is not getting as much publicity as the other one, there is no reason to say that Miller and Garner are not doing good. They are absolutely fine with each other, amidst the frequent fickleness in their romantic life. But that is very common and minor and the couple does not feel hesitant about the same.

Jennifer is the mother of three with her ex-husband Ben, the amazing artist of Batman fame. After their separation, the artist experienced a sudden feeling for the CEO of CaliBurger, John Miller. He is also divorced from his ex-wife Caroline Campbell and the father of two children.

According to this not-so-mushy couple, they are able to handle and understand each other due to their similar conditions. The story is almost like Ben and J.Lo, who found love once again after parting ways from unhappy marriages. Miller and Garner’s children also met each other and now they are indeed a “blended family”. It is really very good to see that all of them are accepting of others and leading a happy life.

Situation For The Children

The children from both sides understand their parents are happy in their lives. Hence, although it can be difficult to accept in the beginning, slowly after knowing each other, things become smoother. Thus, two half-siblings will be there for Jennifer’s children from both sides of the parents. Hence, there are no grudges between any of them for both the couples. Ben also knows that John Miller is a very responsible parent and so there will not be any issue with the children afterward.

A Feasible Bonding Jennifer Garner And John Miller

Cali Group’s parent company is CaliBurger. In 2018, Jennifer Garner got a divorce finally from Ben Affleck. During the same month, rumors of her connection with CaliBurger’s CEO were floating in the air. Finally, the couple announced that they were seeing each other for the last six months. Moreover, they intended to get married now as they realized serious feelings for each other.

Publicly, John and Jennifer were seen together in November 2018. They looked quite happy and satisfied. However, throughout the last four years, the world witnessed multiple break-ups and patch-ups of the couple. These ups and downs are now an inseparable part of their lives. By now, it is clear that the couple fully enjoys the roller coaster ride in their relationship. Furthermore, they do not intend to part ways anytime soon.


The children of the couple are also now like each other. Hence, it can be said that the blended family is going through a beautiful phase now. Some may compare Jen and John with the relationship of Bena and J. Lo. However, the two couples are completely different in nature. So, it will not be correct to compare all of them. The bonding between Jennifer and John Miller is becoming very strong day by day. The day is not very long when the two will take vows to be together forever. There is no reason to believe that Jen’s second marriage will last like the previous one. Often, the first marriages do not work due to many reasons. But that does not mean that future relationships will also be failures. The same is the case for Jennifer and also her ex-husband.

The fans of the Pearl Harbor star are always wishing Jennifer a very Good Luck for an amazing life with John. Although Miller is from a different background, he is a very sensible person and understands Jen quite well. Even Ben Affleck also has a good relationship with this gentleman. So, the ultimate bond between all of them is very natural and sweet as per the present scenario. 

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