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NFL Player, The Renowned Demaryius Thomas’ Cause Of Death Revealed Later By His Parents


Demaryius Thomas – The former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver’s death cause was recently revealed by his parents on social media.

Demaryius was one of the best football players diagnosed with CTE. Thomas suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy and died at age 33 last December.

The Renowned Demaryius Thomas’ Cause Of Death Revealed

In late December 2021, Thomas was found weird with unresponsive in his shower. And now, the mysterious cause of his death comes to light.

NFL Player, The Renowned Demaryius Thomas’ Cause Of Death Revealed Later By His Parents

Demaryius’ parents, Bobby Thomas and Katina Stuckey Smith, recently shared that their loving son was diagnosed with CTE and was badly battling Stage 2 CTE.

They even opened up by saying, the player, before his death, also had a separate seizure disorder.

The parents came forward to unwarp the cryptic death cause of the player after donating Demaryius Thomasbrain to research.

In a recent interview, the couple shared Demaryius Thomas’s Cause Of Death Revealed Later By His Parent

death was caused by a separate seizure disorder that finally led to an unexpected cardiac arrest.

Bobby Thomas said, “Cardiac arrest was the reason they told, and it was what happened to him. My son suffered a lot before he died”.

In the brains of the former NFL player, a degenerative brain disease known as CTE, which is the first case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy was diagnosed. He came to know about his stage nearly two decades ago. 

Dr. Ann McKee, the renowned doctor at Boston University’s CTE Center, shared that she knows very well about this condition and has diagnosed the very same in nearly seven hundred athletes after their death. 

She even added, “I found it in the majority of sport-associated persons, from amateurs to professionals, with hits to the head”.

The director of Neuropathology Core at Boston University described that the team of doctors already found this medical condition in many of the other players who were under the age of 34. This was the very same they found in Thomas’ brain.

He was diagnosed with stage two CTE as his multiple lesions in the frontal lobes and the lobe in the temporal was at the stage of degeneration even in the deeper areas of his brain.

This rare disorder which is most commonly seen in athletes can cause difficulty thinking, memory loss, mood swings, changes in behavior, and more.

Thomas’ parents said that they found most of the symptoms in their son till his death. Katina, the mom shared that her son was having mood swings more frequently, and he isolated himself most of the time.

The player’s parents even said that Thomas started to experience seizures in 2021 after retiring from the NFL. It was a long period of more than a decade with the league.

The parents still remember the struggles faced by their son for the whole year till he walked towards death.

They were very sure that ten years in the league riddled the player’s body with many physical injuries. They even added, “Our son was suddenly experiencing a much deeper pain that he can’t afford”.

Thomas’ mother shared that the player was not allowing them to share with the world what was happening with him. That’s the reason his parents kept mum about the cause of the death until now.

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