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Bette Midler Said She Was Not Intending to Be ‘Transphobic’ By Tweeting About the Erasure of Women


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The American comedian, Bette Midler’s Monday tweet turned out to be a counterblast as the public conceived her comment to be anti-trans.

The exalted actress made a tweet recently that addressed the whole women and their rights in their own bodies and lives, tearing them apart and grabbing each minute license from them.

The Controversy Took Birth In Her Statement Where Bette Midler said

The controversy took birth in her statement where she said, women are being considered as “Menstruators” only creatures with “ Vaginas”, which evoked the anti-trans content in her tweet.

Bette Midler Said She Was Not Intending to Be 'Transphobic' By Tweeting About the Erasure of Women

She has been receiving mixed reviews on her content as a group of fans believed that she only meant to react against the recent ruling of the Supreme Court against Roe v. Wade, whereas another group believed that Medler purposefully tweeted being transphobic.

On Tuesday, The Rose star again wrote multiple tweets to decipher her former tweet which she penned the previous day.

Medler decently cleared the misunderstanding that was created by herself by writing that her original tweet was not anti-trans, for it purely was to showcase her protest against the banning of abortion verdict, which was ruled by the US government.

Boogie- Woogie Bugle Boy singer cleared the air by dropping the appropriate response to the critics where she cleared her pure intention with no means of hurting the LGBTQIA.

Bette Midler continued by saying that her tweet was not at all about transphobia.

Her reaction was solely against the judgment created against the whole women of the nation, where they cannot make a stand for themselves, nor can they do anything with their bodies. 

The controversial topic was communicated by many celebrities via television, and social media, which clearly depicted their negative take on the verdict.

Similarly, Medler too was putting forward her thought against the whole marginalizing decision from her point of view.

However, the Kennedy Centre Honor-winning actress evidently objectified her real target and interpreted herself the following day, which paved a way to clear the air created amongst the public against her tweet.

Not only a single tweet, but she also made up for her unknown mistake by adding a couple of tweets one by one that urged the critics to criticize herself with her own permission of frustration.

Bette Midler genuinely put forward her concern by saying that so far in her journey, she has only viewed the marginalized as equal and has only supported them and in case a single tweet can erase all of her love and support, then may it, the actor explained.

Moreover, the 76-year-old comedian grasped the attention of many by scrutinizing the falling democracy, which will over time push the Americans to fall altogether.

When she questioned her fans regarding their support in one of her tweets, she actually invited their attention to the past, where Medler was the first to react against the 1973 law, tweeting that the government will next overrule Lawrence v. Texas and Obergefell v. Hodge, that deals with the homosexual relationship and homosexual marriage, respectively.

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