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All About Nana Anime – Who Was The Main Character, Where Can I Find Nana Anime?


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Nana is a Japanese comic series created by Ai Yazawa. Before going on hiatus, it was serialised in the monthly shojo manga magazine “Cookie” from May 2000 to May 2009. Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are two young women who, at the age of 20, relocate to Tokyo. The plot follows Nana O.’s desire for fame and Nana K.’s desire for romance as they try to maintain their relationship.

Who Are The Main Characters In Nana Anime?

There are two main heroes in the anime.

Romi Park provided the voice in the anime, and Junko Minagawa provided the voice in the video game.

Mika Nakashima is the actress that portrays NANA OSAKI in the film.

All About Nana Anime- Who Was The main Character, Where Can I Find Nana Anime

Nana Osaki, a 20-year-old lady, relocates to Tokyo to seek a career as a professional singer with her band, Black Stones, of which she is the lead vocalist. Nana O. was raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her when she was a child. She never saw her biological father and was forced to grow up with her grandmother.

Nana O. has cut off all communication with everyone and fled to England, leaving Nana K. and others to seek for her, according to the present timetable.

In the video game, Rumi Shishido voices Kaori, and in the anime, Kaori voices Rumi Shishido.

In the first film, Aoi Miyazaki played NANA KOMATSU, while in the second film, Yui Ichikawa performed the part.

Nana Komatsu, a 20-year-old woman, relocates to Tokyo in order to be closer to her friends and Shoji, her partner. She’s prone to falling in and out of love rapidly. Nana O. calls her Hachi because of her dedication and passion.

In the current era, Nana K. has two children with Takumi: Ren and Satsuki. She stays in Japan with Satsuki in the hopes that Nana O. will visit them at their apartment.

Where can you get Nana Anime to watch?

Fans of the Nana series are curious about where they can watch Nana anime because the series’ title is inspired by the initials of two major characters named Nana. It may be simple to watch the anime if you have an Amazon Prime Video membership. Because Amazon has included adequate subtitles, viewers may find the series easy to follow.

Sentai Filmworks owns the series, which is being distributed in full HD. In the near future, the HD anime series will be available on certain websites and on home media.

How Long Will It Take To Finish The Nana Anime Series?

Because there is only one season, you must watch the complete first season to properly comprehend the subsequent series. Season 1 of the anime series does not end with the animation, and fans all over the world are looking forward to the release of the next anime series, as well as any future episodes in the franchise. There are 47 episodes in the first season, plus three recaps. The series will take approximately 19 hours and 10 minutes to complete.

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