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Sasaki And Miyano New Anime Confirmed!


Is it true that Sasaki and miyano new anime is coming? Well. After the first season aired in January, Sasaki and Miyano have managed to build a strong fan base, to the surprise for their fans the amazing anime ended with 12 episodes and fans turned really upset.

Sasaki and Miyano fans were rooting for a long story as the characters had left a heavy impact on anime lovers. The main characters were incredibly impactful on the audience. It was the first season animated in DEEN studios. The first season went unexpectedly popular and ever since the last episode aired fans were already expecting a new season. 

Sasaki And Miyano New Anime Confirmed!

Since the new project confirmation has been updated officially let’s take some deep insiders about the anime.

Sasaki And Miyano New Anime Confirmed!

Creators behind the first season of Sasaki and Miyano

Deen studio animated the first season of Sasaki and Miyano where the director of the show was none other than Shinji Ishihira. Yoshiko Nakamura is behind the composition of the series. They had Kana shibue as their music composer and Maki Fuji as the designer of the characters.

The anime of Sasaki and Miyano is based on  Shou Harusono’s manga that has been serialised in pixic comic. The plot of the first series is initially about a old-school boy’s love story. It starts with a senior who is expressed as a bad-body meeting a cute , awkward underclass man. Miyano who thinks he’s an expert about boy’s love, he’s yet to realise his feelings for Sasaki. Sasaki is the one who can decide whether it will be a happy love story or not.

The plot of this manga is described as the one written above which is translated in English by Yen Press. The Media Factory publishes the manga in volume format.

Characters who made the story lively

Each character in this anime has a vital role to portray. Here are the main characters who made the story lively and popular among audience

  • Soma Saito as Yoshikazu Miyano
  • Yusuke Shirai as Shumei Sasaki
  • Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Gonzaburo Tashiro
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Akira Kagiura
  • Ryohei Arai as Tasuku Kuresawa

What was the official confirmation of the new project with Miyano and Sasaki?

After the last episode of Miyano and Sasaki’s story fans were eagerly waiting for the producers to start a new project. Recently Kadokawa posted a visual announcement mentioning that Sasaki and Miyano anime new project is on work.

Kadokawa’s visual announcement  was enough confirmation for fans that their favourite and much awaited anime, the Miyano and Sasaki series are coming back soon. Additionally the official tweeter account for the Miyano and Sasaki series also made an announcement tweet saying that Miyano and Sasaki’s youth will continue.

It can be concluded now that the officials have confirmed the come back of Miyano and Sasaki’s series, fans are looking for the later of the last plot showed in the first season. With the come back announcement the excitement of the fanbase can be seen through the social media.

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