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Why Kazuya From Rent-A-Girlfriend Sounds So Familiar? How Kazuya Meet Rikuo Uozumi ?


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Horie’s next project was the love drama “Sing ‘Yesterday’ For Me,” based on Kei Toume’s manga series. In the anime, a young guy called Rikuo Uozumi works in a grocery shop after graduating from high school. Rikuo has virtually accepted that his life would be monotonous and sluggish, and that is until he meets Haru Nonaka, a store regular.

In the anime “Hire-A-Girlfriend,” based on the famed manga series written and drawn by Reiji Miyajima, a young guy called Kazuya Kinoshita endures a devastating breakup by utilizing an app service to rent a girlfriend.

The girlfriend in the issue is Chizuru Mizuhara (Sora Amamiya), a student whose immaculate first impression conceals the truth that she’s considerably colder and harsher outside of work.

When Chizuru meets and charms his family, especially his grandmother, Kazuya rapidly finds himself in a bind, and he continues to pay for the service in order to sustain the farce, ultimately developing true affections for the young woman.

The anime has been a big success, with Manga creator Miyajima tweeting in September 2020 that the show was fourth on Netflix’s Top 10 in Japan only seconds before the Season 1 finale aired.

Why Kazuya From Rent-A-Girlfriend Sounds So Familiar How Kazuya Meet Rikuo Uozumi

While the first season finished more than a year ago, fans will be relieved to know that the second season is already in the works, with Crunchyroll, which licenses and broadcasts the anime overseas, announcing a July 2022 release date.

While we wait for Season 2, why not get to know the actors that play the show’s main characters? As voiced by Shun Horie, Kazuya will most likely be a recognizable voice to many fans. Horie’s first major part was as Jigoku no Gouka in the 2016 anime series “The Lost Village.”

The show begins with 30 young strangers meeting on a bus on their way to Nanaki Village, an enigmatic location. Everyone on vacation is trying to capitalize on Hamlet’s reputation as a destination where you can forget about your issues and start a new and happy life. This, of course, is not the case.

The novel has a vast cast of interesting characters, many of whom have distinct personalities. According to Gouka, he is a survivalist. He has a very realistic, direct point of view, and he travels to Nanaki Village with expensive survival gear to see the rural part of the region. Gouka had planned to join the JSDF, or Japanese Self-Defense Forces, before the trip, but he was too little.

To remedy this, he attempts to inject silicone into his skull to obtain the required height, but this fails. It’s plausible to believe that Gouka is a one-of-a-kind figure who merely adds to the absurdity of “The Lost Village.”

Horie’s personality has been revived as a prince of the Kingdom of Analeit. Shun is typically courteous and honest, yet his politeness and honesty cause him to be excessively trusting and naive. He is completely unaware of what is going on around him, including the evil intentions of those who are interested in him as well as the amorous desires of those who are drawn to him. His naiveté grows, resulting in obstinacy and a refusal to learn from his mistakes. He now recognizes his flaws, but it’s unclear if he plans to change.

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