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Moon Knight Episode 6 Online Right Now Release Date, Time, And Episode Schedule!


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On Disney Plus, you can view the sixth episode of Moon Knight right now, and we did exactly that since we wanted to know how Steven’s tragic ending went.

There Is No Official Summary For Episode 6

To get the most out of the finale, you need to have seen last week’s episode and the post-credits sequence and the whole of episode 6 to understand what we’re going to discuss below.

Moon Knight

We learned Steven’s roots in the penultimate Moon Knight episode. When on Taweret’s yacht, they discovered that Marc and Steven’s destinies had been thrown off-kilter by what Steven didn’t know.

Steven realizes that he doesn’t exist after seeing Marc’s upbringing, including the tragic murder of his younger brother Randall and following abuse from Marc’s mother.

Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder first came to light when he tried to cope with the loss of his brother in the cave by adopting the mannerisms of Dr. Steven Grant, an Indiana Jones-like persona.

On the other hand, Jake Lockley was en route to the Gate of Osiris and the upper world to stop Harrow. Steven was thrown off the boat, Marc yelled for aid, and the scales were finally leveled.

Marc was in the Field of Reeds, where Steven appeared to have died (although how could he have been killed if he was never actually alive?).

What’s The Release Date For Moon Knight Episode 6?

From May 4, 2022, Disney+ subscribers will be able to see the sixth and last episode of Moon Knight.

What Is The Release Time Of Moon Knight Episode 6?

At 3 a.m. Eastern, that’s midnight Pacific time, when Disney+ already debuts its new movies and shows.

The Cast Of Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s cast and story have been kept under wraps by Marvel Studios. In addition, Oscar Isaac will portray Moon Knight/Steven Grant/Marc Spector in the movie. Ethan Hawke plays Arthur Harrow in the film. In this case, Layla El-Faouly is May Calamawy.

The Storyline For Moon Knight Episode 6

There is no official summary for Episode 6, but the internet is buzzing with rumors that New York cabbie Jake Lockley, Marc’s third identity, would be revealed towards the end of season one.

That red sarcophagus shuddering in the mental ward and the odd Bronx accent spoken out of the side of Marc/mouth Steven’s aren’t the only clues that he’s on his way.


As a regular Moon Knight Comics character, Lockley is responsible for Marc’s most heinous crimes.

Even though Khonshu is in prison and will be released at some point, there’s growing proof that he’s been controlling Marc for the better part of the last century.

You might be thinking if Steven is going to come back  or Layla is going to return. Moreover, if there be one more battle between Moon Knight and Harrow or is the season going to end on a shaky footing. Even if they’re complicated answers, you will get them shortly.


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