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Matt Gaetz’s Joking Tweet About Roe V Wade Protesters!


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Floridian Congressman Matt Gaetz isn’t well-known for his political opinions, which is probably for the best. Given the Supreme Court’s apparent readiness to overturn Roe v Wade – the historic decision that established a constitutional right to an abortion – one would think the Republican congressman would like to keep out of the abortion debate.

Gaetz Tweeted On Wednesday, Proving His Propensity For Social Media Agitation

Millennials who return from marches to lonely microwave dinners with their kitties and no bumble matches?” Gaetz tweeted on Wednesday, proving his propensity for social media agitation.

Matt Gaetz’s Joking Tweet

He was quickly designated as the day’s “featured character” on Twitter because of the tweet’s retrograde, bland, and even dull misogyny.

But it is also illuminating how abortion bans are closely tied to a basic form of barefoot-and-pregnant patriarchal worldview, despite the high-mindedness of Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito’s draft judgment, which the justice produced.

Gaetz’s tweet contained an astonishing amount of information about all of the songs in a short amount of time.

Invoking the cat-lady image without irony and serving it up with a yucky microwave dinner isn’t ironic because why would she bother to prepare something so distasteful?

He bases this repetition of the hackneyed cliché of reversing Roe on the notion that the only reason women join up at these rallies is that they are disgruntled, childless shrews with nothing else to do.

“My purpose in writing this is not to debate the merits of this joke, which is far too idiotic to be bothered in the first place.

To put it another way, while we in the modern world can recognize that this tweet is nothing more than a modernized version of Stone Age gender bias, the fundamental ideals it espouses are still crucial to those who wish to see the world return to a hierarchical cultural and political system of this nature.”


As Gaetz points out, the only women who are concerned about abortion rights are those who have spent so much time thinking about other concerns that they have become unmarried and childless and, as a result, are sad.

Despite Roe V. Wade’s 50-year-old precedent granting women the ability to choose whether and when to have children, the myth that women without children are always unhappy has never been proven.

Today, the Supreme Court’s judgment throws us back into a world where women’s parenting may become a legal mandate. 

According to this perspective, forcing women to give birth when they don’t want to could be regarded as a gift rather than violating their constitutional rights. 

After all, isn’t it true that having children makes all women happier than before? Many anti-abortion politicians and activists have used this framing to explain why their proposed abortion bans do not include rape exclusions in their justifications.

Although the rape is tragic, the pregnancy that results from it should be considered a blessing from God by the victim.


Just as conservative politicians seeking attention seek out complex political themes and stick to their most extreme positions, Gaetz comes to the Roe argument as the most powerful.

I’d be astonished if Gaetz’s pro-abortion beliefs result from honest, long-term investigation and deliberation. 

In his tweet, ladies’ rights activists who demonstrate against abortion are insulted by Gaetz because they are plain misogynists who believe that forcing them to give birth is the only way to ensure that these women will be pleased with the end day.


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