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‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke Says “F*** The Supreme Court” At ‘The Show Tonight’


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The overturning of Roe v Wade has gained tremendous popularity due to its nature and the American actress, Maya Hawke, who also starred in Stranger things, used the F word against the Supreme court during her appearance on The Show Tonight.

The star kid mentioned her abortions on the show hosted by Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night in which she attended the show with her parents and disclosed that she have made preparations with her mother, Uma Thurman, prior to the show.

To Crowd Applause And Jimmy Encourage Maya Hawke Says “F*** The Supreme Court”

The mother-daughter duo had a talk about the viral discussion and ended up bringing the editorial, Pulp Fiction, written by Thurman in September 2021, about her experience in her teenage years.

The 23-year-old model recalls the essay written by her mom and explains that if it was not for the abortion her mother had at her young age, then things would have been entirely different with her, her father, and her mother herself. 

The young actress continued by saying that maybe she would have not been born if her mother wouldn’t have an abortion then and it was the fortune that they had access to safe health care with no chaos at the time.

‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke Says “F The Supreme Court” At 'The Show Tonight'

The actress was compelled due to the impact brought by the reverse of Roe v Wade, to use the F word while referring to the Supreme Court, multiple times, in The Show Tonight, and the host, Fallon did not stop her for he was a hundred percent supportive of the lady’s take on the recent decision that toppled the rights of women.

Hawken was seen asking for permission from Fallon on asking if she can ask to fuck the Supreme Court on a national television channel, to which Fallon laughed.

Please Baby Please actress reassured by saying that she along with other women will fight against the recent ruling and they shall win.

The show host appreciated Hawken for sharing such a good message with the audience and thanked her for bringing up the topic as well.

In the editorial written by The Dangerous Liaisons actress, Uma Karuna Thurman, she confronted admitting her lost pregnancy at her early stage of teen. The young Thurman was impregnated by a quite old man when she was away from her home and pursuing her acting career in Germany.

The actress wrote that being a teen, doing an abortion was the toughest decision she ever took and she still regrets it when she looks back. but then, she agrees that that is how life is and until today she has been happy with whatever she had.

A similar act like that of Hawke was also seen at the BET Awards that was held on 25 June, Sunday and it was Janelle Monae who raised her middle finger against the mentioning of the Supreme Court. 

The actress also did her part by doing a decent promotion on her upcoming release of Stranger Things season 4, which will be aired this Friday the 1st of July.


The star who is playing one of the key roles in a major television series told Fallon that she has trouble finding what happened in the previous episodes of the series as she couldn’t watch them yet.


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