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Max Joseph Teases ‘Catfish’ Return After Four-Year Hiatus


The American television host, Max Joseph is back after a four-year break and made a brief appearance in the 200th episode of the tv show, Catfish. 

Joseph has finally given his word to his fans that he will be back to television although he had to take a long enough hiatus from the MTV show. 

Max Joseph Teases That “Catfish” Will Be Back After A Four-year Hiatus

In his exclusive interview, Joseph says that he missed the Catfish crew for years and added that he also liked the performance of Kamie, his replacement in the show. 

Max Joseph, 40, added a few more words to appreciate the talent of Nev Schulman’s co-host saying that she is better than Joseph himself in many aspects and told the interviewer that he has already met with Kamie a couple of times and said that she is damn good for her role in Catfish.

Ex-host of Catfish further stated that the host pair is doing their job wonderfully and that one day he would like to come back to the show as a host again and do a trio with them. According to him, the trio would be even better and more entertaining. 

The Catfish documentary was co-produced by Joseph along with Schulman in 2010. Soon after 2 years, the documentary expanded to a television program and he recalled that the friendship carried along the way with Schulman has only strengthened over the past decade. 

During the break, the duo could not meet very often like they used to but Joseph said that they still managed to meet and remain friends with each other as he would visit Schulman whenever he gets back to New York, and Schulman also dwells with Joseph when he comes to LA. Since the connection remained the same, Joseph said that nothing has changed so far. 

In his cameo appearance, the filmmaker addressed his fans and said that it was nice meeting them all, apart from meeting Kamie, whom he often crosses paths with. He then said that coming back to the same stage with the same old people has made him feel like time stopped in 2017 as if the 4 years hiatus was not even there. Since the good friends are back again on the set, it seemed like the whole environment took Joseph back into the past, when he was the soul of the show.  

Joseph called his quit on the show to pursue his career as a director and successfully directed 15 minutes of Shame of HBO Max in which he collaborated with Monica Lewinsky and presented a meaningful message to society on the prevailing cancer culture.

The We Are Your Friends star reflected on fans’ tweets which equally supported both Joseph and Kamie that said, although they miss the presence of Joseph in the show through his departure, however, they also like Kamie, and told that the fans are sensitive to the feeling of both hosts. He appreciated that his fans were expressive to Kamie, just like how they were to him. 

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