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Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox Spark Marriage, Pregnancy Rumours At BBMAs!!


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“Machine Gun Kelly’s performance of his song “This is for our unborn kid” was inspired by the tragic loss of their pregnancy. It was possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat as the song was playing. “There was a fourth tweet that was sent out. Following the performance, Kelly took to Twitter to express how much it “broke my heart to sing the finale of that song.” She referred to the last moments of her rendition of “Twin Flame.” 

Kelly, Megan Fox Wedding, And Pregnancy Rumours

Earlier in the evening, a reporter inquired about the possibility of a hasty wedding in Las Vegas for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. The reporter was curious about whether or not the couple intended to go through with the ceremony. According to Kelly, who is 32 years old, the celebration of Fox’s 37th birthday will take place at midnight instead.

Kelly, Megan Fox Wedding, And Pregnancy Rumors

The pair decided to have their engagement ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico a few months after the awards show. It was around that moment that Fox posted the following message on Instagram: “I said yes… and we drank each other’s blood, just like every other life before this one and just like every other life after this one.” Since then, they have said unequivocally that blood intake is done for “ritual objectives.” 

In an interview with Glamour magazine, she stated that the act of drinking each other’s blood would either confuse people or cause them to mistake her and the other cast members for characters in “Game of Thrones” who suck one other’s blood.

Yes, indeed, a few drops of each other’s blood are sometimes swallowed to perform a ceremony. This song is for my wife, who inspires me every day. “After playing a guitar solo, the singer shared this information with the audience. The musician, 32 and nominated for the best rock artist, sang the rest of the lyrics. He took a moment to pause in the middle of the song and then continued by saying, “And this is for our unborn kid.” 

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the line regarding an unborn kid does not appear to be part of the lyrics of “Twin Flame,” which he sang at the Grammys. Viewers and fans voiced their confusion on Twitter and hypothesized what Kelly meant by her statements. Am I having a hallucination, or does it look like Machine Gun Kelly might be expecting?” one individual on Twitter posed the question.

The following is the opinion of one admirer: “Fox suffered a spontaneous abortion, as reported by Kelly in the Mainstream Sellout magazine he publishes. Back when they were dating, he penned the song’s first verse for her birthday two years ago. His first song on the loss of the pregnancy was titled “One Day and 10 Weeks,” and his second song was titled “Last November.”

Fox has revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Kelly’s “Twin Flame” has a “special, secret meaning,” which causes her to get upset during an interview on the red carpet at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The actress was only joking when she said she didn’t want to cry throughout his performance since she didn’t want her makeup ruined.

The couple, who had their first encounter while filming “Midnight in the Switchgrass,” announced their engagement in January. Fox referred to her new boyfriend, the musician she had just met, as her “twin flame” in their very first joint interview as a pair. 

The interview was conducted by both of them together. “The concept of a twin flame is similar to that of a soul mate, but it refers to a situation in which a single soul has progressed to the point where it can exist in two distinct bodies simultaneously. Consequently, I have concluded that you and I are two aspects of the same soul. 

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