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Canadian Supermodel Linda Evangelista Makes A Comeback


The modeling industry is one of the prominent parts of the fashion society. In this, Linda Evangelista is the one that does not need any introduction.

She is a supermodel who has been the face of various top-notch fashion brands. But, it was her failed cosmetic surgery procedure that forced her to take a break from modeling and handle her deformity.

Canadian Supermodel Linda Evangelista Makes A Comeback

As a fat-freezing treatment, all the fat cells are frozen and made to excrete through the liver. Linda was famous for her sharp looks, and expressive eyes helped her gain a prominent position in the industry.

Canadian Supermodel Linda Evangelista Makes A Comeback

Now, after six years, she has decided to make a comeback to modeling because her heart belonged to the fashion industry.

Issues With Failed Cosmetic Surgery

She underwent a fat reduction procedure that left her disfigured and deformed. In fact, she suffered from paradoxical adipose hyperplasia because of the aftermath.

In fact, she filed a lawsuit against the Cool Sculpting parent company named Zeltiq Aesthetics. Now, the scenario is that the decision to dismiss the case is awaited from the judge.

Talking over the side effects of the procedure, Linda said that she started observing bulges appearing around her thigh, chin, and bra.

It started happening three months after the fat-reducing treatment which turned out to be a devastating condition for her.

Then, she dieted and started doing regular exercise for reducing the bulges. Apart from this, she did everything possible to get rid of the bulges.

Indeed, Linda reached a point where she was not eating anything and started to feel broken. She cried a lot before the doctor as well in June 2016.

But, all this could not stop her to make a comeback in the fashion industry. The reason was that her heart belonged to the ramp and she was not able to live without working as a model.

Linda Evangelista’s Comeback

At 57 years of age, Linda Evangelista appeared in a photoshoot conducted for the high-end brand “Fendi”. In the pictures, she was wearing pink-colored caps and spectacular-looking goggles.

Besides this, she carried two Fendi bags in her gloved hands. This photoshoot made her feel elated because she came back to the place where she had started a prolific career.

In fact, she managed to retain her supermodel style through the stylistic poses given in the photoshoot.

Along with posing for the Fendi handbags, Linda Evangelista talked about Fendi’s upcoming fashion shows. She, also, thanked the Fendi brand’s photographers, artistic directors, and stylists for giving her an opportunity.

On seeing her pictures shared on Instagram, Linda’s fans were happy to see her back in the fashion business. Moments later, her photo got flooded with comments and accolades.

During the photoshoot, she talked about her fight with the deformity and the courage gained to get back.

She promised herself not to live in shame anymore as the doctors told her that dieting and exercising would not solve her problem of accumulated bulges. So, she thought of handling the matters smartly and returning to modeling. 

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