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EntertainmentnewsLori Harvey Explains Why She Dates On Her Own...

Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates On Her Own Terms!


The model and Steve Harvey’s adaptive daughter Lori Harvey has finally ripped herself open in a very exclusive discussion with Teya Taylor, giving her utmost guidance and tips on dating.

In the updated world, Lori Harvey seems to have altered the way she dates to fit in with the changing trend. Harvey, 25, shared the screen with My Super Sweet 16 fame, Teya Taylor on the recent episode of Bumble’s Luv2Skeet Youtube series, talking about her altered approach to relationships. 

Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates On Her Own Terms

The girls on Wednesday were so immersed in their conversation that they were literally speaking about their green and red sign in a relationship regardless of whether the bond is either friendly, romantic or even professional. 

The ultimate point in the intimate discussion was to never compromise the core values of oneself, and the model spilled her part where she revealed her regret for tying the knots at a very young age when Harvey was unknown to herself – her likes and dislikes. 

Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates On Her Own Terms

Lori Harvey said that she almost failed to experience her life as she was bound to a marriage earlier than she anticipated. With that in mind, she further added that she evolved in the matter of relationships where she started to add on her own terms, even if the tie-up was solely romantic or platonic. 

To “her terms” she meant that in the relationship, she must be free to move or basically she must be free to do whatever she wanted and if the connection was serving as a barrier in between then the 25-year-old stated that she would move on. 

The conversation started with the duo talking about the changes when Harvey said that she barely knows her younger self as she has mentally grown tremendously which has changed her preferences and choices over time. According to the budding star, a change is as beautiful as it can be, whether that is society approved or not. She said that the 21-year-old Harvey would be an entirely different person from her current self, not physically, by implying the swap of mindset, which is ultimately a part of the growth in the fullness of time. 

Harvey continued with her feminine energy stating that the person sitting before Taylor has already left behind her past, and the present was everything that mattered. 

The SKN founder further elaborated on her statement claiming that she never keeps regrets about her past days even if that was unpleasant as she has only learned basic and inevitable lessons from the mistakes and the process has healed and supported her personal growth by rooting on her throughout the long run. Harvey then boldly put forward her logical query by asking about how a person can ever be happy if they are living only to satisfy others, thinking about what they would feel or would they judge, and more nasty stuff. 

According to her, no person to date can verify that he/she can be content after being worried about societal criticism because, at the end of the day, life cannot be lived again. 

Tayler chimed in the middle and asked Harvey about her requirements in a relationship to which the diva simply replied that she can never compromise her values and standards which implied that those were the key points that made her feel strong in a bond. 

Putting light on the unnecessary, superficial qualities that a woman usually goes on the hunt for, Harvey said that these can be cut down but not her personal values and core beliefs. Indicating her controlling nature, Harvey added that she has no plans to adjust and compromise her peace, regardless of the situation. 

Lori Harvey Explains Why She Dates On Her Own Terms!

She went on to advise Taylor by saying that she should give her remote control in the hands of anyone else other than her, for Harvey believes that it was the key to happiness whether a person is in or out of a connection. 

After sharing these motivational pieces of words, Harvey nodded her head to Taylor when she said that they both were like two cups of tea to which Harvey replied that they could only drink it with caution, if not they might get burned. Right at the moment, Harvey hinted at Taylor asking whether it burned before or not, and Taylor indirectly whispered denoting her past relationship. 

The pair then invited a fan to join them on the episode, who then rejoiced to share her relationship stories with the expertise. Harvey, without any hesitation, made her point clear by asking the guest to walk out of the relationship with pride if that one does not serve with the best. 

Harvey herself was linked to a heartbroken tale not a long ago with Michael B.Jordan, whom she dated for more than a year. However, a source close to them appeared all of a sudden and revealed that the former pair had a split and that they both were shattered. 

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