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Oscars Producer Will Packer Responds to Will Smith’s Public Apology


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The Oscar producer Will Packer has sided with Will Smith, assisting him by showing his support in the public apology made by Smith. 

The Leisure Tonight interview was released on Tuesday in which the Packer Production owner abetted The Fresh Prince claiming that his apology was clear. Packer in support of the actor revealed his point of view on the viral epoch-making incident of Will Smith slapping the Academy Award host Chris Rock in the middle of the show.

Oscars Producer Will Packer Responds to Will Smith’s Public Apology

Rock was presenting a sarcastic joke and picking on Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith amidst which Smith stood from his seat and walked straight to the comedian and slapped him right on his face. While going back to his position Smith was heard yelling at Rock asking him to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. 

Oscars Producer Will Packer Responds to Will Smith's Public Apology

Months after, Packer, 48 recalled the occurrence at the 94th Academy Awards which was held on March 27, 2022, appreciating Smith for handling the issue responsibly enough, and cited that he was being trustworthy by publicly seeking an apology and displaying his regret. 

Will Packer highlighted the fact that a person like Smith, who has created such a good reputation over years could have been forced to react in a way that made him an entirely different person throughout a few seconds at the ceremony. 

Being an established Youtuber, Smith shared a Youtube video last month, seeking acknowledgment from Rock, 57 for the irascibility which was podcasted live on television. In the clip, Smith stated his sincere take on the unacceptable conduct he himself showcased at the show and mentioned that he would be available anytime for Rock to speak up. Smith further added that at the time of filming the video, Rock was not yet prepared to talk with Smith. 

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The camera literally captured the way Smith was holding back his tears and said that as a person he himself could not accept the way he reacted and said that his way of dealing with disrespect can never be excused. 

In the brief video, Smith answered the most asked question of why he did not apologize at the time of his acceptance speech by admitting that he was by then fogged out. 

One of the other popular questions raised to him was whether he was forced to react so, indicating if Jada had signaled him in standing up for her after the iconic eye-roll, the star said that the reaction was spontaneous and was his own choice, in which Jada had no role. 

It was obvious that a comedian like Rock would definitely have something to joke about even at the most crucial moment and likewise, he was seen sharing a snarky note soon after the video went viral on the platform, by hinting at ‘Will’ Smith as ‘Suge’ Smith, of course, the CEO Suge Knight. 


In the New Jersey stand-up show, Rock added that anyone who has been blabbering about getting hurt would by no means have ever been punched in the face. He further spilled that no he would never go to a hospital for a minor wound like a paper cut and thus he was not by any means a victim. 

That was the second time Smith was desiring a pardon from Rock as he had initially written an apology letter on Instagram.

However, an insider instructed later that Rock was not all stuck with the issue, in fact, he was already moved on even before the apology video was uploaded by Smith. 

According to a supply source, Chris was okay but was not ready to sort things out with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which was exactly a matter of concern for Will. A couple of more sources had shown up in conveying that Rock has already neglected the issue as he has started to joke about it in his own stand-ups.

According to the reporter, it was a sign of acceptance that he was making mild of the whole incident. Yet, the source also stated that the after-effect was not over nor was the stress of the slap for the fact that Rock was quickly assessing it, earlier than expected. 

The viewers were very delighted as the heated case seemed as if it was a nightmare alone. Rock actually got slapped for making fun of Jada’s short haircut and comparing it to Demi Moore in the movie G.I Jane, whereas in reality, Jada was suffering from alopecia about which she had previously informed the public. Right after the crack, the jaw-dropping expression of the audience remained for a couple of seconds as the moment was hard to digest and probably would be historic. 

Following the quick-tempered action chosen by King Richard star, the Academy of Motion Picture Picture Arts and Science has banned Smith from their events for the next 10 years. 

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