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EntertainmentnewsIs Paul Simon's Connecticut House Really Cheap Or Expensive?...

Is Paul Simon’s Connecticut House Really Cheap Or Expensive? See how Richard Gere Got His Dream Asset


That’s a good deal for the ‘Unfaithful’ actor! A report has appeared claiming actor Richard Gere as the new owner of Paul Simon’s magnificent Connincut estate which the songster sold at a multi-million dollar loss. 

The New Canaan was brought by the sex symbol of Hollywood last year when the power couple, Simon, 80, and his wife Edie Brickell, 56 traded the palatial property for a loss of around $6 million. 

Is Paul Simon’s Connecticut House Really Cheap Or Expensive

According to the reports, the splendid mansion was brought for $16.5 million by Mr. Simon and Ms. Brickel in 2022, and boom, after a decade, they listed the 31.8-acre lavish property for sale which luckily got in the hands of the American Gigolo star, who was in search of his dream villa. 

Is Paul Simon's Connecticut House Really Cheap Or Expensive? See how Richard Gere Got His  Dream Asset

Unfortunately, the business was an utter loss for Simon as he along with his wife had listed their beloved mansion for sale in 2019 for $13.9 million to which the estate was not sold. The couple then reduced the asking price to $11. 9 million which again had to be lower in 2022. In the middle, the auction price was decided as $12 million in 2021, but the sale was finally agreed upon at $10.8 million. 

The luxury manor got registered to Gere in July 2022, however, it is also said that the wealth projecting estate was bought by an upstate New York-associated trust. No representatives of Gere have so far responded to the comment. 

The English country-style estate has a total of six bedrooms with large windows, and sprawling hand-crafted millwork. The unique belonging was designed by one of the eminent architects of the generation, Harold R. Sleeper. 

Sleeper had sharp thinking as his way of designing brought stark elements to the property that also features varied comfort assuring amenities to enhance the outdoors.

Starting from natural ponds, the exterior was enough to protect the wealth of the person residing inside. With waterfalls, a terraced pool, a courtyard, a vast garden, and brooks, the mansion was a ten, to begin with. 

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Recently Gere had sold one of his New York belongings that he had purchased previously for $1.51 million in the 80s, for the hiked price of $24.15 million in 2022. The sale coupled with the aforementioned purchase seems like the year 2022 is favoring the Days Of Heaven star. The Pretty Woman actor was fortunate enough to own the 8,800-square-foot mansion for such a low price and initially, his name was veiled so as not to highlight the sale in the headlines. 

84-year-old property was primarily handed over to the 72-year-old revealing that the sale was done for an unknown rich man. At the time, Gere brought it for an amount that was $3 million less than the asked one and $6 million below for which the couple initially bought it. However, the celebrity couple was finally happy about offloading the property. 

Is Paul Simon's Connecticut House Really Cheap Or Expensive? See how Richard Gere Got His  Dream Asset

Although one has gained and the other lost in the deal, the latter is climbing the ladder to make the headlines and of course, these topics are discussed these days more than any other happy news. 

It was said that the difficulty in selling off the property was due to certain bragging rights hung on it. A glimpse of the residence was shown in a few albums of the hitmaker, right when it was introduced to the market. The mansion has a main house that boasts seven bathrooms in six bedrooms, a hall foyer, a living room, an enlarged living room, and the second house with a garage-equipped guest house. 

The three-floored mansion was literally a treat to the eyes with its mind-blowing structuring and building strategy. 

While digging into the listing details it was found that the three-bedroom guest house had a special isolated area where a person can get away and make it useful as a creative space or a place for social gatherings. In the description, the luxurious and privacy-protected estate was mentioned as serene and peaceful which was only 45 miles away from the heart of New York. 

Paul Simon and Brickel already have a number of other extravagant properties including an impressive apartment on the Upper West Side of New York, an ocean-front showy mansion at Hamptons, and another huge property on the outskirts of Dallas. 

The Chicago star is no second to them as he is also in real estate buying and selling hundreds of millions worth of properties in recent years. Lately, Gere bought a manor in the center of Hamptons and sold it for around $34 million. 

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