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Here’s Everything We Know About The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2!!

The rising of the shield hero is a Japanese series of dark fantasy isekai light novels. The rising of the shield hero is written by Aneko Yusagi. Initially, the light novel, the rising of the shield hero was premiered as a web novel on Shosetsuka ni Naro. Shosetsuka ni Naro is an end-user-produced novel website. The light novel series has since been brought out by Media Factory with extended lines or plots of its story. 

Season 2 Episode 2 Catching The Spirit Tortoise Release Date

The extended story of the rising of the shield hero is featuring illustrations designed by Seira Minami. Twenty-two volumes of this novel, the rising of the shield hero have been published as of 25 June of the year 2019. Aiya Kyu adapted the novel series, the rising of the shield hero, into a manga series and was released and published by the Media Factory. As of 22 February of the year 2022, the novel series has twenty volumes. Both the manga series and the novel series were permitted by the on peace books. 

In September of the year 2015, the novel and manga series the rising of the shield hero was released in North America. In the June of the year 2019, the anime television novel or manga series with 25 episodes was adopted and produced by Kinma Citrus was aired. In the April of the year 2022, a second season of the rising of the shield hero will be premiered, DR Movie has co-produced the novel or manga series. Apart from its second season, its third season has also been announced. Crunchyroll Funimation partnership has licensed the anime series, the rising of the shield hero, in North America. 

What is the genre of the novel/light novel/ manga series/ Anime television series?

The genre of the rising of the shield hero is Dark Fantasy. 

The cast of the Anime- The Rising of the Shield Hero

1. Fila was voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker 

2. Naofumi Iwatani was voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

3. Raphtalia was voiced by Asami Seto 

4. Naofumi Iwatani was voiced by Billy kametz

5. Filo was voiced by Rina Hidaka 

6.  Raphtalia was voiced by Erica Mendez 

7. Melty was voiced by Maaya Uchida 

8. Ren Amaki was voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

9. Motoyasu Kitamura was voiced by Makato Takahashi 

10. Itsuki Kawasumi was voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya 

11. Natsuka Hara 

12. Mirella Q. Melromarc was voiced by Kikuko Inoue 

13. Elhart was voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto 

14. Megumi Han 

15. Aultcray Melromarc XXXII was voiced by Yutaka Nakano 

The Rising Of The Shield Hero First Episode Date

The first episode of the anime, the rising of the shield hero was telecasted on 9 January of the year 2019. 

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Second Season Release Date

The second season of the anime, the rising of the shield hero, will be released on 6 April of the year 2022. 

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Second Episode Release Date

The release date of the second episode (Catching the spirit Tortoise) of the second season is 13th April 2022. 

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