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Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail’s? 


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Magic is one of the most inculcated themes that is used in the animes and mangas, just as it is used in the western stories. Less often, however, does a series of anime or manga or even a movie go around fully magic as a notion. A proper time is taken to develop lore around the series. Black Clover of Yuki Tabata and Fairy Tail of Hiro Mashima leave people amazed in all their lure of the concept of magic, thus leaving their charms making up their main leads completely. 

Debate On Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail’s 

The two series, Black Clover and Fairy Tail share a good concept, and thus fairly there is a good amount of debate going on how to compare these very well-known series. Black Clover is the clear winner when it comes to the terms and practices of magic. This is just to say mention that Black Clover is one of the finest anime series of all the time and even when it is compared to Fairy Tail. 

Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better Than Fairy Tail’s 

Top 3 Reasons Why Black Clover’s Magic Is Better

1.  The colors of Fairy Tail are far better than that of Black Cloves, which goes around general medieval fantasy sets. For those who like anime over mangas, the animation of Black Clover shuts the animation of Fairy Tail. Black Clover excels in magic. The purify to levels structure Tabata makes the capabilities utilized by his fictional characters. 

The fresh spells used by the characters make the viewers feel more connected to the growth and adversity of the characters. Plus, Tabata puts more effort to investigate the outcomes of magic society, discrimination, and levels based on magic a main concept of the series, that Fairy Tail revolves around. 

2. Black Clover takes enough time and attempts to know the restrictions and innately twisted powers of anti-magic than in Fairy Tail. That marked it would be naive to say or even think that the magic of Black Cloverowes a major part of his appreciation of its magic creations system to the series that debuted before it, Fairly Tail clearly aces all of them. 

3. It is considered that the two series can be compared with the concept of learning magic as well. So, in Fairy Tail it is seen that people have learned their whole magic, if not whole then at least its roots, from the people who are already master in that magic. Tabata wanted the characters of Black Clover to use magic that belonged to them. 

His way of occupying this led to the formation of two distinct concepts: attributes and grimoires. Grimoires are magic books that one can use to learn spells. The attribute is a quality that a person is born with thus the learning of the magic is not necessary as it already comes. These two concepts drew that every character is crucial. 


Its noticeably less enthralling villains and the think-up reaction to its main character lead Asta (specifically his vocals) prove the contradiction. But as far as the magic is there in the concept, Tabata has developed a more energetic and much crucially, sustainable, structure.

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