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Date A Live Season 4- Do Shido And Tohka Get Together? Release Date!! 


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Date A Live is a well-known light novel series from Japan. The light novel series, Date A Live, is scripted by Koshi Tachibana and demonstrated by Tsunako. From 2011 March to 2020 March, under the Fuijimi Fantasia Bunko imprints, Fuijimi Shobo released 22 volumes of the novel series. The permit to publish the light novel in English is held by Yen Press. 

Episode One Shido And Tohka’s Love Life Release Date

In Monthly Shonen Ace and Monthly Dragon Age, five mangas were published and released by Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten. AIC Plus+ animated the series of anime television animate was aired between April and June of the year 2013. The second season of the novel series was launched between April and June of the year 2014. 

Date A Live Season 4- Do Shido And Tohka Get Together Release Date!! 

The native anime film titled “Date A Live: The Movie0 Mayuri Judgement” was released in the month August of the year 2015. The publication of a Dreamworks light novel series: Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet took place in the year 2017. The launch of the third season of Date a Live by J.C. Staff took place in the month of March of the year 2019. 

Date A Live Season 4- Plot

A Eurasian continent was devastated by a big spatial quake, 3 decades ago. This unforeseen disaster led to the death of 150 million people. Since then, the spatial quake has been torturing the world. Shidou Itsuka appears to be an average high school student who stays with his baby sister named Kotori. When the spatial quake takes place in the city he hurries to save his sister. 

He came across a mysterious girl, who claimed to be a spirit, an ethereal body whose presence causes the quake. Shortly, he becomes involved in a fight between the girl and the Anti spirit team. Although, there is a third group that has an opinion of saving spirits- “Ratatoskr”, which is astonishingly led by Kotori. After the fight, Kotoi selected his brother by force, making him appear in a different procedure of trading with the peril- them falling in love. Now, the outcome of the world depends on his date.  

Date A Live Release Date 

On 8th April of the year 2022, the fourth season of the Date A Live will be released. 

Date A Live – Cast/ Characters or the Voice Over Artists 

1. Yatogami was voiced by Tooka

2.  Tobichi was voiced by Origami 

3. Itsuka was voiced by Kotori

4. Itsuka Iwatani was voiced by Shidou 

5. Inoue was voiced by Marina 

6. Togashi was voiced by Misuzu  

7. Taketatsu was voiced by Ayana  

8. Nomizu was voiced by Iori 

9. Shimazaki was voiced by Nobunaga 

10. Tokisaki was voiced by Kurumi

11. Yoshino was played by Tai Lynn

12. Murasame was voiced by Reine 

13. Takamiya was voiced by Mina 

14. Kannazuki was voiced by Kyouhei 

15. Fujibakama was voiced by Mii

16. Sanada was voiced by Asami 

17. Endou was voiced by Aya 

18. Misato 

19. Koyasu was voiced by Takehito 

20. Tsukimiya was voiced by Midori. 

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