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Khloe Kardashian Recollects Wearing Prosthetics To Avoid paparazzi


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Khole Kardashian recalls an incident where she and her sister used to wear prosthetics in public to avoid the paparazzi. Celebrities often find it difficult to roam around the streets. They find out from the local photographers. During the promotions of a series called “keeping up with Kardashian”, she recalled wearing prosthetics.

Khloe Kardashian Recollects Wearing Prosthetics To Avoid paparazzi

The paparazzi are always roaming around the celebrities to take photographs and snatch their privacy. Kardashian and Kylie wear prosthetics whenever they appear in public to avoid the paparazzi. She often explains her strategies to avoid the paparazzi.

Khloe Kardashian Recollects Wearing Prosthetics To Avoid paparazzi

She said in an interview that she needs to go out as all the girls do. She needs to do whatever she thinks. But most of the time, she will get stuck by the paparazzi. So she finds various strategies to overcome these paparazzi. Khole recalled an incident in Los Angeles, where she and her sister Kylie wore facial makeup to avoid the paparazzi. They wore molds with heavy makeup and dressed up as an old lady.

They also wear a fake pregnancy belly. They recalled that it was a fun day and they enjoyed it a lot, but it needs more work. She mentioned that she always tries to avoid them, but they find me easily. 

Khole recalled her childhood without the camera, and now everything has changed. They can’t live without a camera. They are always surrounded by cameras and photographers. Khole feels bad that she can’t even go out as all the other women do. I can’t eat in the streets and go for a walk in the streets. So, she found prosthetics, and it became her strategy to avoid the paparazzi.

They wore the prosthetics to avoid the paparazzi, and that ended up a good day with a lot of fun. Finally wearing the prosthetic becomes their strategy. Sometimes celebrities find it difficult to handle the situation when all the local photographers surround them and ask for a picture. Sometimes they are not in the good mood but still give a smile to the paparazzi. 

Paparazzi are always following the celebrities and snatching their privacy in a second. Khole and Kylie Jenner find many strategies to avoid these situations. Wearing prosthetics is one of the strategies to avoid the paparazzi. They wear duplicate hair extensions and heavy makeup for a different physical appearance.

They put in a lot of hard work to avoid the paparazzi. These explain their feelings about the paparazzi and their work. Sometimes it is difficult to wear those prosthetics, and that makes it difficult to do regular activities. But still, we used to wear all those prosthetics to avoid the paparazzi. They wear a bad fake accent. They wear aged makeup and wear belly and do many things just to avoid the paparazzi. 

She recalled many incidents and explained her new strategies to overcome the paparazzi. She often finds it difficult with these prosthetics and gets trapped by the paparazzi. But many times these prosthetics help them to avoid the paparazzi and do whatever they need. It is a request for the paparazzi that they need to understand their feelings. At least they are also human beings and need a life like ours.

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