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Finally Admits!! Kelly Brook Will Marry Jeremy Parisi In Italy This Summer After A Seven-Year Romance


Kelly, 42, and Jeremy, 37, have spent this week scouting potential locations for their wedding in Jeremy’s home Country of Italy. Kelly Osbourne, who previously competed on Strictly Come Dancing, was seen wearing a diamond band on the finger that corresponds to her wedding ring. According to a source close to the couple, who first met online, they managed to keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible. They are over the moon about it, so they can’t wait to make it official.

Kelly Brook ‘To Marry Jeremy Parisi In July’

They had been happy with one another for the past seven years of their relationship. After three previous engagements that did not work out and Jeremy’s previous proposal being turned down, Kelly is said to be living her “dream come true” now that she has accepted Jeremy’s suggestion. According to her pals, she is more Content than ever in the run-up to a low-key wedding that will take place the following month.

Kelly Brook Will Marry Jeremy Parisi In Italy This Summer After A Seven-Year Romance

According to a reliable source, Kelly and Jeremy will tie the knot in Italy sometime in summer.  They will have a small wedding with only a few of their closest family members and friends in attendance; however, they traveled to Italy just the week before to look for the perfect location. They will settle on Rome, Lake Como, or Tuscany as the location for the event over the next few days. Kelly will be ecstatic no matter the outcome, as long as it’s joyful.

” It was like a dream come true for her when she met Jeremy, and working on their wedding arrangements with him has been a fantastic experience. After viewing a video of Jeremy online toward the end of 2014, Kelly decided to initiate communication with him. She later admitted that her Instagram stalking of him was “not very cool” and that she “jumped straight in” to the relationship.

Since they began seeing each other, Jeremy has committed to moving in with Kelly. He spent his childhood in Paris, but nowadays, he makes his home in a small village near Rome. Kelly has long held the belief that Jeremy, who shies away from the spotlight, is “the one,” In April of this year, they made their relationship public. Jeremy is known to avoid the spotlight.

During the celebration of their seventh wedding anniversary in April of this year, Kelly, co-host of the Drive Time shows on Heart FM, remarked that her husband had “set up a very stunning photo album with all of his favorite photographs and events.”

Since then, he has accumulated seven years of experience in the field. My preference between the two of us goes without saying for the one who is the more passionate and romantic. What can I say? After all, he has Italian and French ancestry.” During their relationship, Kelly revealed to Jeremy that in 2020, while they were on vacation together, she had proposed to him, but he had turned her down.

She was engaged to three different actors: Jason Statham (age 54), Billy Zane (age 56), and David McIntosh (age 36). She was also engaged to the actor David McIntosh, who appeared in Gladiators. Additionally, rugby stars Danny Cipriani and Thom Evans have been married to other celebrities and are now divorced from those marriages. The individual said that Kelly and Jeremy are the perfect couples for each other. Kelly has long wanted to accomplish all of Jeremy’s goals, which are her own.

Because he enjoys spending his time in a quiet setting at home with Kelly, he is not a big admirer of being in the spotlight. Her career as a model began when she was just 16 years old and was discovered by scouts working for publications such as FHM and Loaded, amongst others. After taking over for Denise van Outen as the host of Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast in 1999, Kelly rose to prominence immediately after taking on the role.

She has also made guest appearances on several episodes of American television shows, including Smallville and One Big Happy.

Kelly has previously competed on Strictly Come Dancing, where she achieved a fourth-place finish, and on The Masked Dancer, when she played the role of Frog and advanced to the competition’s semifinals. Kelly, who also has a clothing line with Tesco’s F&F, stated that she had accepted the fact that she will never get married or have children. She made this statement a year ago.

She said she is aware that having children after 40 is a more difficult task. However, it is pretty okay for those who do not feel like participating in the activity. She had no desire to start a family. Therefore, she decided against getting married and having kids.

“Don’t worry that she didn’t want to get married. It is now time to make your voice heard. On the other hand, several people familiar with Kelly said that she decided to conceal the fact that she was engaged to Jeremy so that she and Jeremy could savor the moment together.

She has been dreaming about this wedding for a long time, and it will be just as low-key as her big Day. Although her engagement has been kept a secret, she has been planning this wedding for a long time.

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