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Justin Bieber Kisses Hailey After Experiencing Facial Paralysis Battle


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The Ralph Lauren model, Hailey Rhode Beiber was seen kissing her husband Justin Beiber who recently made a social media announcement that he is diagnosed with a rare Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Justin Bieber Kisses Wife Hailey Amid Facial Paralysis

Amidst the facial paralysis, the singer was kissing his wife deep in public. Despite the current situation, the model is sticking to her husband, which is making their fans emotional.

Justin Bieber Kisses Hailey After Experiencing Facial Paralysis

The sweet couple was spotted in Westwood, California, amidst their shopping on Monday, June 27. It was earlier in the same month that the Baby fame notified his fans about his condition. In conjunction with the disorder, the singer had canceled all of his concerts and mentioned in the comments under the Instagram post that he will definitely return once he overcomes the paralysis. He described the symptoms and hardships of the syndrome that he is affected with.

One side of his face, including the eyes and lips, is static and doesn’t move even though he exerts pressure. Currently, the 28-year-old singer is seeking treatment at a reputed hospital. The singer is also considering alternative methods of treatment and there is no objection to his fear, as it is normal for anyone to react the same and go for any suitable consultation.

In the recent public sighting of the couple, Beiber wore a jogger set of red color and paired it with reflecting sunglasses and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, the Tommy Hilfiger model also slew beside her husband, wearing her casuals paired with sunglasses.

The star couple was seen exiting the office building and as they neared the truck, both Justin and Hailey went closer to one another and had a smooch in public.

This is not the first time the couple is seen while PDA, however, they are gaining more attention than before due to his condition and her noticeable support.

Following the diagnosis, Peaches singer took a hiatus from the 130-dated world tour that was started months ago, reportedly, February.

Shortly after spending some time shopping, Justin returned to an already scheduled two-hour session of his treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on Wednesday, 29 June.

The young singer was spotted before the facility on Wednesday wearing a white T-shirt and grey trousers, coupled with sneakers and white sunglasses.

The June 10 confrontation of the singer described his current status in detail and it is evident that the singer is quite positive about the impact the treatment is about to bring. 

According to the singer’s statement, the syndrome is a result of the virus attack on his ears and facial nerves which blocks him from any possible movement of his eyes, nostrils, and lips on one side of the face. He admits that under this condition, he is not physically obviously capable of attending the shows and all he has to do now is to slow down and take proper rest and relax, for he assures the 254 million followers that he will come back once his face is back to normal and said that he asked to do specific facial exercises.

Towards the end of the video, the famous singer and ex of Selena Gomez requested everyone watching to be patient with him since he is trusting the Almighty and believing that everything happens for a definite reason.


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