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Josh Hawley Accused Of Transphobic Questions During Heated Debate With Law Professor


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Joshua David Hawley is an American politician, and lawyer, who served as a junior United States senator from Missouri since 2019. Being a member of the Republican Party, he has served as the 42nd Attorney General of Missouri from the year 2017 to 2019. 

On Tuesday, a hearing discussed the legal consequences of the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade. Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, who was present in the hearing, got blamed by a law professor from UC Berkeley School of Law. he was accused of engaging in a line of transphobic questioning.

Josh Hawley And Berkeley Engaged In A Heated Argument!!

Earlier last month, the Supreme Court overruled 1973 Roe v. Wade which led to several protests around the country. Following these protests, some progressives kept using the term ‘pregnant people’ rather than using ‘women’.

The term was used to refer to those whose right to abortion was sought to protect and also as an effort to make others understand that transgender men and non-binary people are also affected by the Supreme court’s decision to overrule the 1973 landmark ruling that changed abortion to a constitutional right.  


Josh Hawley Accused Of Transphobic Questions During Heated Debate With Law Professor

Numerous advanced media sites have promoted the blasting video of Josh Hawley and Berkeley Law Professor Khiara Bridges who are conflicting over the topic of whether men can get pregnant? The clash was considered an example of liberal “schooling.” 

At the hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bridges brought out the harms that could follow the abortion bans on ‘people with the capacity for pregnancy’. As she used the term numerous times, which caught the attention of Hawley asked her whether she meant to say, ‘women’.

The question by the Republican Sen. has infuriated Bridges who responded that not only women are capable of getting pregnant, but also trans men and non-binary people are even capable of pregnancy. 

Law Professor Slams Sen

The arguing continued between the two which made the hearing much more interesting. Hawley who was amused by the professor’s answer asked her whether the abortion issue remains a women’s right issue. As the argument went on, Bridges blamed Hawley for being transphobic and also for encouraging violence in the country.

She said that his questions had a transphobic tone and also she continued that this could later open up further into violence by trans people until they get recognized in society. The advocate and law professor even brought out the statistic on the high rate of suicides among the transgender society. She believes that the rate is increasing as the country denies the existence of trans society and pretends not to know anything about their existence which could be very dangerous.

The committee went viral with the two debating over the topic of whether men get pregnant and whether such questions could cause violence. The video was considered as proof of absurd left-wing gender beliefs by the conservatives while the lefties claimed that Bridges got the best of the exchange. This has even led to creating a sentiment in several left media outlets which criticized the senator and hailed Bridges.  

Several news headlines like that of HuffPo went, “Professor schools Sen. Josh Hawley for his transphobic questions in abortion hearing.” Furthermore, Saol also made fun of the Senator by the heading, “‘You should join my class’: Law professor schools Josh Hawley over ‘transphobic’ line of questioning.”


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