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Josh Duggar’s Release Date From Prison Revealed


In order to complete his child pornography term, Josh Duggar was recently moved to federal prison. Although he won’t stay there for the whole 12 years. Josh Duggar is 34-year-old and is a former star of 19 Kids and Counting.

Josh Duggar is set to be released from FCI Seagoville in Texas on August 12, 2032. This update is given by the Bureau of Prisons.

As a result, the former reality star will be released more than two years before his intended release date of 12.5 years in prison. After serving his sentence in prison, he will also have to endure 20 years of supervised release.

Josh Duggar’s Release Date From Prison Revealed

Duggar was moved to FCI Seagoville last month. It is after spending the previous two months in the Washington County Jail in his native Arkansas.

Josh Duggar 's Release Date From Prison  Revealed

The former TLC celebrity was jailed in May. It is after being found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography in December 2021,

Two weeks after receiving his punishment, the former auto salesman filed an appeal with an Arkansas court. The appeal was claiming that one of the accusations against him had been dropped on May 25.

Duggar will be subject to a stringent set of regulations in Seagoville. It is roughly five and a half hours away from his hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, while he waits for the court’s decision.

The former director of FRC Action will not be permitted to visit his seven children unattended. It is even after being released from prison. Josh Duggar’s better half name is Anna Duggar.

Their children are Mackynzie of age 12; Michael of age 11; Marcus of age 9; Meredith of age 6, Mason of age 4, Maryella of age 2, and Madyson, 8 months.

According to court records obtained in June, Defendant shall have no unsupervised contact with minors. The defendant shall obtain approval from the U.S. Before attending any venue, function, or event where there may be a potential for unintentional interaction with a kid.

You should consult with the probation office. Josh’s four youngest kids will all still be under the age of 18 when he is freed in 2032. So, he won’t be able to be alone with them.

Josh Duggar has been involved in numerous lawsuits, scandals, and controversies over the years. Additionally, the political activist will not be permitted to visit Anna, whom he married in 2008.

Anna is now 34 years old. Only handshakes, hugs, and kisses are permitted between the pair at the beginning and end of any visit. Each month, he is permitted four hours of visits.

From June, Josh won’t be allowed to possess, use, or even have a connection to the internet. Also, any electronic device that has Internet or photo-storing capabilities will be given until he is released from prison.

Additionally, he will have any authorized devices randomly searched. Josh was imprisoned in April 2021 without posting bail. At the time, his attorney entered just not a guilty plea. A month later, he was released from custody.

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