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John Oliver Urges Democrats Not To Do More To Prevent Roy From Overthrowing


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Right now, Democratic politicians are really irking John Oliver because they aren’t standing up for abortion rights. The late-night star claimed that Democrats have been and still are too “squeamish” on the subject.

On the “Last Week Tonight” program that aired on Sunday night, Oliver criticized the Supreme Court for its draught opinion, which would have overturned Roe V. Wade ruling. The late-night host acknowledged that many people believed the drama to be a “horror show” produced by “five of the biggest weirdos in the country,” but he also used the segment to emphasize that it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

John Oliver Urges Democrats Not To Do More To Prevent Roy From Overthrowing

In fact, this is not even a recent development. Because, even though Trump did choose one-third of the judges on the court, including Gorsuch, who had a seat taken away from him, the court as a whole was the product of decades of anti-abortion activism, Oliver added “Conservatives were openly declaring their aim to overturn Roe long before Trump was even considered running for governor.”

John Oliver Urges Democrats Not To Do More To Prevent Roy From Overthrowing

Oliver started his defense by playing an old video of Thomas J. Dillon from the day Roe v. Wade was decided, in which Dillon discussed a case he was backing that would overturn Roe.

In the video, Dillon stated that because the rights of the father and unborn child should also be taken into account, women only have one-third of the decision-making power when it comes to abortion.

“Honestly, that’s almost ideal. Because if there is one thing that Americans love to do, it is to dehumanize anyone who isn’t a heterosexual, white man, Oliver said.

However, Oliver directed much of his wrath towards Democrats since they haven’t been vocal enough in the cause of abortion rights, in contrast to Republicans who have consistently prioritized the subject in their agendas.

He argued that too many Democratic leaders shied away from the discussion or hesitated to endorse abortion during that time.

Then Oliver singled out former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, pointing to instances in which they attempted to downplay the issue of reproductive rights while claiming to support them.

As Oliver pointed out, “That has tragically been indicative of Democrats’ strategy, providing nebulous words in support when abortion has particularly been under attack.” Republicans have been focusing on this subject nonstop for the entire time.

As per rumors people were made concerned by the fact, that “conservatives aren’t remotely done here,” citing new legislation that was recently approved that threatens Louisiana’s reproductive rights.

Oliver stated simply that in the long run, we need to be elected politicians to quit skirting the subject of abortion and take appropriate action to protect it.

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