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Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar Snubs Bring Truth To Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’!


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At present, It is hard to see an artist that values authenticity more than anything. Jennifer Lopez or what the world calls her, J.Lo has always been a person that valued authenticity more than anything. This was reflected in every piece of her artwork including her acting and singing career.

But the world doesn’t value authenticity as Jennifer Lopez does. Even though J. Lo is an icon, she also has a vulnerable side that was badly affected by the unauthenticity of the world. This was showcased in her glossy Netflix doc ‘Halftime’. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar Snubs Bring Truth To Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’!

‘Halftime’ which opened the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival on June 9, 2022, displayed Jennifer Lopez’s career, her Superbowl performance, and Joe Biden’s inauguration. Although the documentary showcases Jennifer Lopez’s multidimensional career and her personal life, one thing that audiences around the world haven’t expected to see in the documentary was the truth that even an icon like Jennifer Lopez is sensitive to defeats and ignorance.

The director of Halftime, Amanda Micheli showed this vulnerable side of Jennifer Lopez to the world through her disappointment in not getting an Oscar nomination for her acclaimed role in the film ‘Hustlers’.

Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar Snubs Bring Truth To Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’!

Jennifer Lopez, one of the main cast and producer of Hustlers unveils what an Oscar nomination for Hustlers would have meant for her. The first few minutes of ‘Halftime’ displayed Jennifer Lopez’s expectation for Hustlers both as an actress and a producer for the much-acclaimed movie. Then it showed her preparing for her first round of interviews after the movie premiered at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival.

During the interview when her co-stars and co-producer of the Hustlers were seen praising Jennifer Lopez’s performance in the movie as Oscar-worthy, her face was seen changing from full of excitement to nervousness. When talking about Hustlers and Jennifer Lopez, the director of Hustlers has said in the documentary “Perhaps because she’s made hard work so easy for so long, it’s easy to take Jennifer Lopez for granted. I’m so proud that she gets the recognition she deserves”. 

In the documentary, the director has clearly shown her path to Oscar being laid out perfectly but gets stolen at the last moment. This path was her spotlight at the Springs International Film Festival and Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Hustlers. Jennifer Lopez was seen shining with happiness when she was nominated for the Golden Globe awards but all of the happiness went underwater when she lost the award to Laura Dern for  “Marriage Story”.

In ‘Halftime’, we saw a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s eyes with tears because of her defeat in the Golden Globe Award. She was seen saying “I really thought I had a chance” to the Hustlers co-producer Goldsmith Thomas. In the documentary, she also opened up about her feelings about awards to the documentarian when she said, “There’s a whole circuit around awards season that I’ve never done before. It really becomes a campaign. If you don’t do it, they make you feel like you don’t have a chance”. 

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