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Finally Spotted!!! In The Hamptons, Amber Heard Was Spotted Having A Quiet Supper With Friends!


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Even though Amber Heard’s court battle with Johnny Depp came to an end, her post-trial transition was far more smooth than that of her ex-husband.

In The Hamptons, Amber Heard Was Spotted Having A Quiet Supper With Friends!

Amber Heard out in public in the Hamptons following her high-profile trial setback, while Johnny Depp celebrated by having a curry house in Birmingham, England, close so he could have a lavish meal with friends.

In the wake of the $15 million verdicts, Johnny Depp went out for a lavish dinner, champagne, and cocktails with friends including rock legend Jeff Beck on June 5, while Amber Heard stayed in and ate her sorrows with a quieter supper.

In The Hamptons, Amber Heard Was Spotted Having A Quiet Supper With Friends

Nearby diners told us they saw the “Aquaman” star, who won $2 million in the lottery, eating at a Greek restaurant in Water Mill with her sister Whitney Heard and Whitney’s two children, and they told us about it to us.

Because Calissa, a popular Hamptons restaurant frequented by A-listers, Amber doesn’t appear to be hiding from her Hollywood colleagues either, even though she was lambasted on social media during the ordeal.

One of the ex-spouses had sued the other for defamation based on comments made following their nasty divorce in 2017. However, on June 1, even though Jhonny Depp had lost a different but connected court battle with a publication in the UK last year, the judge decided in his favor.

Whitney has stood by Amber’s side throughout the trial and after the verdict, writing on Instagram, “I nevertheless stand with you, sissy.”

When asked about the verdict, she responded in the teaser that aired on Monday that she didn’t hold the jury responsible.

“I don’t blame them, I genuinely understand,” she said to Savannah Guthrie on the air. Fans and viewers alike regard him as a well-known figure. One of the best actors around. ”

“This is a setback for women,” said Amber earlier.

Johnny Depp was photographed earlier this month looking disheveled as he was carried out of his hotel by bodyguards. In order to protect him from “huge crowds” hoping to catch a peek of the ‘Edward Scissorhands’.

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