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Jennifer Lopez Gives A Emotional Shout Out To Ben Affleck During Her Winning Speech At MTV Movie & TV Awards!



The starlet showed her appreciation for Ben Affleck during her winning speech by giving him an emotional shoutout. “First, please let me have my dinner, and then I promise I’ll be home by 7! J. Lo reflected on her time spent in the performing industry earlier in the Day before accepting the distinction. Even though I am not any of the women I have portrayed on TV, she claims that she is “quite real to myself in every persona I’ve played.”  The only way to produce truth is to first experience it for yourself.”

Jennifer Lopez Thanks Ben Affleck At MTV Movie & TV Awards

She then continued by expressing her gratitude to those individuals who had assisted her in becoming a successful actor in the film industry. A select few individuals in her life have brought her joy, while a fine few others have caused her heartache.  “Who can I put my faith in, and who should I stay away from? I want to express my gratitude by recognizing both the genuine affection that I was shown and the lies that I told myself to facilitate my personal development through becoming an adult. 

Jennifer Lopez Thanks Ben Affleck At MTV Movie & TV Awards

The term “teaching me to love” was used to express her gratitude to her children, Max and Emme, who are twins. “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who informed me that I was incapable of accomplishing what I set out to do, regardless of whether they did it in my presence or when I was absent.  I can’t have achieved this level of accomplishment without the assistance of those who have supported me. This would not have been attainable without your assistance in any way.”

In a heartwarming throwback film created for Mother’s Day, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can sit courtside during an NBA game in 2003. The video included a greeting from Jennifer and Ben to their mother on Mother’s Day that was sent through the courtside camera. Jennifer video clips from the 1980s were compiled into a montage that Jennifer Lopez used to wish her followers a happy birthday.

When she uploaded the video to her Instagram account, she said, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there!” Both the engaged couple and the announcer, who referred to them as “Hollywood’s hottest couple,” yelled out “Happy Mother’s Day” to each other on Mother’s Day. Jennifer could be seen beaming with joy in the vintage video as they watched the game together.

Both sets of people were captured and engaged in public displays of affection as a direct result of their participation in 2003. (PDA). Even though they attended the game a year earlier, the pair ultimately decided to end their relationship. Since the news of their second engagement was released a week ago, Ben and JL have been spotted out and about looking at potential new homes together. 

Consequently, it would appear that the couple has started looking at homes in Los Angeles in preparation for a possible migration there shortly with their children. Jennifer announced her engagement to Affleck in a newsletter that she sent out to her followers. She stated that the proposal came as a surprise to her and that she and Affleck are two happy people who were given a second chance to find love.

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